Ludi’s Untitled in Second Life

Galerie Alice: Ludi Taurus

Currently open through until the 16th June, 2019, is a cosy exhibition of art by French artist and photographer, Ludi Taurus called simply Untitled.

Host by the boutique Galerie Alice, curated by Alice (angedem), Untitled serves as a superb introduction of a photographer I’d not previously encountered; one who excels in telling stories through her self-portraits. Featuring just ten images, the exhibition is captivating in the depth of narrative each picture holds, from fantasy to action to what can only be seen as personal moments seemingly captured by the camera when the subject was unaware.

Galerie Alice: Ludi Taurus

From an alluring, single head and face portrait offered in monochrome, through to pure adrenaline-fuelled shots of a rain-soaked, motorbike-mounted gunfight, to a midnight period of introspection, these are images that powerfully convey emotions and engage the observer. Further depth is added to each on them in that, being untitled, other than what appears their date of creation, they leave us entirely free to interpret each image without any preconception, however incidental, a “proper” title might otherwise impart.

This is an alluring exhibition of photographic art, one – though I’ve said this before with exhibitions – that genuinely should not be missed.

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