aZiLe: a Second Life curio

aZiLe; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickraZiLe – click any image for full size

We were directed towards aZiLe by Shakespeare, who dropped a landmark over to me recently. Occupying the bulk of a Full region (a corner parcel to the south-east is a separate private residence), it is a multi-faceted environment predominantly designed by Zoé (zoeliah), with assistance from Boro Moretto (boromir22) – within additional elements I’ll get to – that is a little hard to define.

With its mix of public and private residential units, the region might at first seem to be your typical rental estate – but to view it as such would be a mistake. The region also has an Adult rating and a D/s leaning – but to view it as a D/s role-play environment would also be a mistake.  There is also a strong arts flavour to the setting that offers a further twist of curiosity to it.

aZiLe; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickraZiLe – click any image for full size

Perhaps the easiest way to define aZiLe is to quote region holder Boro:

We wanted to create a space for relaxation in a welcoming setting of beach and holidays. The design is by Zoé, our architect and gardener whose design you will be able to appreciate by touring the sim. It is incidentally a residential space. If you would to live here, contact Zoé for parcel availability, and she will build your house on the beach in the spirit of the region.

aZiLe is above all a friendly space with freedom and a little note of madness because we like lightness and humour. And this offbeat touch gives the people who live here their group name: zinzins. We have no rules, except for common sense and courtesy between adults.

aZiLe; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickraZiLe – click any image for full size

To describe the setting would be a little self-defeating; it is unique enough to deserve to be seen for itself. While “beach and holidays” might be suggestive of sands, surf, palm trees and shady parasols, this is most assuredly not aZiLe. Instead, the region has a certain “shabby chic” run-down look to it that is quite captivating.

The landing point sits just off-centre within the region, looking out over a small beach that has something of the appearance of a holiday setting – albeit it a possible low-cost one. The sand flows down to a small bay where inflatables sit on the water and flamingos strut under the umbrella of trees and palms while a bar sits on one shore, offering a place to sit and relax.

aZiLe; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickraZiLe – click any image for full size

Beyond this, gravel paths, steps and walks wind among an eclectic mix of building, some stone and or brick, many wood; some old, some new. Not all of the building – particularly those near the coast – are private residences, but others are open and sit as galleries or spaces where light D/s role-play might take place – such as the church. Although again, this is not a place in any way devoted to D/s and / or RP.

aZiLe is not a D/s sim and at the same time, some of us are D/s lovers. Since we established we’re a crazy tribe, we’ve decided to try to combine a friendly sim, welcoming everybody, with a spicier side, that we want present, but discreet. We are quite normal people; we need to relax and breathe and laugh. We found the D/s world of SL to be a little too heavy for our taste. The constant need to have rules, the hierarchy, the eternal question “To RP or not RP”… We don’t fit in that mould. We love the exchange. But as conversations, not discussions. We like the idea that SL is like RL. One evening we’ll act light and stupid, or will go dancing, or will simply cuddle. But the other evening we might get deeper.

aZiLe; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickraZiLe – click any image for full size

The art to be found within the region is as broad as the setting itself: sculptures by CioTToLiNa Xue and Mistero Hifeng share space with pieces by Bryn Oh while hippos and giraffe stand within the waters and open spaces. Off to the north-east of the region, there sits on a sandy headland the Gallery Pinot Gris. It stands like a giant bunker and offers a circular display space featuring the art of Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst in the physical world).

Eclectic and fascinating, aZile is a step outside the more “usual” public region, and well worth the time taken to explore it. For those who take photographs, there’s also a Fickr group where they can be submitted.

aZiLe; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickraZiLe – click any image for full size

SLurl Details

  • aZiLe (Satotage, rated: adult)



4 thoughts on “aZiLe: a Second Life curio

  1. Thanks so much for visiting l’Azile and for “getting the spirit” :)) Your Zinzin Citizen of honor Passport is ready!


  2. thats a priceless gift for our sim and we really like you got the spirit of the place and you did ” translate” in such lovely pictures
    thank you warmly Inara


    1. Thank you, Boromir! We really enjoyed ourselves when visiting, and will doubtless be back! Thank you for sharing your vision with us!


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