Happy Days at NorderNey in Second Life

IMAGO Art Gallery: Happy Days at NorderNey

Currently open at IMAGO Art Gallery, curated by Mareea Farrasco, is an ensemble exhibition celebrating NorderNey (closed to public access at the time of writing), one of Second Life’s more popular photogenic regions (and which I confess to having covered in these pages in 2014, and 2017, although I really should have taken the time to visit it more recently).

Happy Days at NorderNey is a small but enticing exhibition, featuring images by Maxie Daviau, Ninny Dazy, Sorcha Tyles and Mareea herself in a space specially prepared to resemble a part of the region with a sandy beach, the foaming wash of a tide, under an overcast sky.

Each of the artists presents four pieces of art, somewhat split between landscapes of the region and avatar studies that using the region as a backdrop. Together they form – as the title of the exhibition suggests – memories of happy times spent within NorderNey in one of its more recent iterations.

IMAGO Art Gallery: Happy Days at NorderNey – Maxie Daviau

What is particularly interesting in the sixteen images presented is the way that all of the artists have selected more-or-less the same aspects of the region to include in their images: the path to the beach with bicycles leaning on the fence, the sailing boats moored off-shore the scooter sitting at the boundary between tall grass and warm sand for example.

In doing so, each presents unique perspectives on the setting through the use of colour, tone, and post-processing to bring out the clouds, or to offer a feeling of summer warmth or the overcast of an autumn’s day, and so on. Thus, each group of four images may feature some of the same elements as the others, but overall they present different moods and stir different emotional responses.

A small, easy-to view exhibition featuring a group of richly talented Second Life photographers.

IMAGO Art Gallery: Happy Days at NorderNey – Ninna Dazy

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