Artfest: calling SL artists and performers

The ArtFest region of Tiger Hill

Artfest 6 is currently open through until November 6th, 2018, and is accepting applications for participation from artists, DJs, singers and performers.

The focus of the event is to raise funds for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in their continuing work to bring aid and relief to people around the world who have suffered from the effects of a local disaster – earthquakes, flooding, storms, fires, enforced migration, and so on. IFRC has been chosen due to its record of delivering help, aid and support without discrimination against race, religion or gender.

A full region – Tiger Hill – is given over to the event, with locations both at ground level and in the air overhead, with individual display spaces marked out for artists who apply to take part. The vent supports art of all kinds, including:

  • Second Life snapshots, both raw and post-processed.
  • Physical world photographs.
  • Physical world art and image manipulations.
  • Sculpture and 3D art.
  • Poetry recitals, spoken word recitals, music and dance.

Fund-raising within the event takes a number of forms. For example, artists can enter their art into the Artfest competition, in which visitors “vote” for the art by making donations. Or, if artists prefer, they can sell their art through the event on the understanding that at least 50% of all sales goes to raising funds for the IFRC. Profit sharing is via scripted means, and the organisers will provide the necessary script to those artists wishing to use it.

100% of all funds received by the event will be donated to the IFRC.

In addition, and quite aside from the fund-raising “competition”, there is also a juried art competition artists can opt to enter – details on this can be obtained from the organisers.

The ground level area is set out with a large number of available plots for artists to use. Due to the length of time the event will be running, artists are encouraged to refresh their allotted space as often as they can, in order to encourage people to come back and pay further visits, exploring and (hopefully) making further donations. In particular, artists are encouraged to build-out their display spaces in situ, allowing their displays of art to grow over time, again encouraging re-visits by the public.

DJs, singers and performer can apply to participate in the entertainment that will take place through the event, centred on the Tiger Hill Den, a skyborne club sharing its space with shops and other facilities related to the event.

Artfest is a fairly free-form event, the core rules of participation being to keep all art and performances in line with the General rating for the region and the Second Life Terms of Service / Community Standards. There are some general guidelines on prim, script and glow usage, but these are guidelines, not tablets-of-stone caps / limits, and are provided to all those applying to participate in the event.

Those wishing to apply to participate in ArtFest 6 are asked to do so by note card, and provide:

  • Avatar name (not Display name).
  • Type of art or performance – give as much information as possible – or:
  • Other ways in which you would like to take part – as an artist, performer, helper, etc.

Note Cards should be sent to Huntress Catteneo.

General enquiries about ArtFest 6 should also be sent to Huntress Catteneo.