Feed A Smile at Holly Kai Park, April 14th 2018

Feed a Nautical Smile, April 14th 2018 The Pavilion, Holly Kai Park

The Second Nautical Smile event in aid of Feed A Smile / Live and Learn Kenya takes place on Saturday, April 14th, 2018. Organised and hosted by Rossini Events.

The event will take place at The Pavilion, Holly Kai Park, and will feature seven hours of live music starting at 11:00 SLT, from some of Second Life’s top entertainers.

Event Schedule

The event schedule at the time of writing is as follows. For updates and the latest news, please follow the Rossini Events link above. All times SLT.

11:00 am
Thera Singer
12:00 Noon
Hedy Patrucci
1:00 pm
Neomaximus Brandenburg
2:00 pm
Viviana Houston
2:30 pm
MichaelJackson Follet
3:00 pm
Max Kleene
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
Jacq Luik

All proceeds go directly to Feed A Smile via the donation kiosk.

About Feed A Smile

Feed A Smile is a programme run by Live and Learn Kenya (LLK) to provide nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children every day, paid for entirely from donations to the project. It is part of a broader programme managed by LLK, which includes finding sponsors to finance the education of children in Kenya, helping to provide them with everything they need: uniforms, shoes, text books, school supplies, etc., and even building a school in Nakuru, Kenya.

In addition, the organisation also provides medical and dental care for children, including check-ups and vaccinations. 100% of the donations received by LLK are transferred directly to Kenya to care for children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter and foster care. Nothing is lost to salaries, fees or administrative costs at LLK.

About Rossini Events

Rossini Events was established in July 2016, and is managed by MichaelJ Rossini. Organising private and public events in Second Life. Rossini Events especially prides itself on charity fund-raising, with monthly events supporting Feed a Smile, Relay for Life and Making Strides. Everyone involved in Rossini Events donates their time free of charge, and every penny raised goes directly to the charity concerned. For further information, please contact MichaelJ Rossini in-world, or email to michaeljrossini-at-gmail.com.

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