SL15B Community Celebration applications open

Via the SL15BCC website

2018 marks the fifteenth anniversary of Second Life opening its doors to full public access. It’s a milestone year for the platform, and this is reflected in the fact that there are actually two celebratory “estates” ramping up to mark the event.

The first of these is a special Lab-run series of regions – the SLB regions. These include attractions such as the Linden Bear Island and The Cornfield – although it’s not clear if the latter is modelled on the original “sin bin” Cornfield, or the more recent version used in the shoot-’em-game – but I’m leaning towards the former. The Lab will most likely be handling all the PR around these regions and the activities taking place on them.

The other big event is the one that’s become the staple celebration of every year since SL9B – The Second Life Birthday Community Celebrations (SLBCC) – organised by Second Life users for Second Life users – and it is on this event that I’m focusing here.

The Dates

This year, SL15BCC will run from Sunday, June 17th through Sunday, June 24th, inclusive.

The Theme

From the SL15BCC website:

As Second Life begins to celebrate its 15th birthday, our “crystal” theme aims to inspire residents to reflect both on the past and see into the future. The community is encouraged to use the crystal aesthetic and concept to creatively express their favourite SL features of the past while also looking forward into the future. The “crystal” theme allows for exploration of the tapestry of time that weaves together the past, present and future of Second Life.


On Friday, April 13th,  the organisers opened the doors to applications from exhibitors, performers and presenters. Those wishing to apply for any of these positions are asked to read the General Event Policies for SL15B, and then proceed as follows:

SL14B Stage Left; Inara Pey, June 2017, on Flickr From SL14BCC – the Stage Left build

In addition, bloggers and press wishing to get full access to SL15BCC to cover the event should complete the Press Access form.

Volunteers to help run the event are also being sought. If you are interested in helping with things as a greeter, stage manager, exhibitor assistant, etc., then please read the Volunteer Code of Conduct, and then complete the Volunteer Application form.

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Linden Lab announces Town Hall series for Second Life

Courtesy of Linden Lab

To mark Second Life’s fifteenth anniversary, Linden Lab has announced a series of Town Hall meetings at which Second Life users can hear members of Linden Lab and well-known groups within SL talk about the platform, their work, and answer questions offered by users.

The announced sessions will comprise:

  • Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg.
  • Members of the Firestom team.
  • Residents of Bay City.
  • The Designing Worlds team.

The first of these town hall meetings will feature Ebbe Altberg in a double session on Friday, April 20th, at the following times:

  • 09:30 SLT.
  • 13:00 SLT.

User are invited to offer questions for Ebbe via the forum thread A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg. Questions will be selected from those submitted, and as many as possible will be answered within the time frame set for the meetings.

Users can attend the meetings by teleporting to one of the three following landing points at Town Hall Island:

Not: none of the above SLurl may be open to the public prior to the day of the event. 

Other Town Hall meetings, to be “held in the coming months”, will be announced in due course.