Spring and romance at Luane’s World in Second Life

Luane's World; Inara Pey, April 2018, on FlickrLuane’s World – click any image for full size

It’s been two years since I first visited Luane Meo’s Luane’s World and some fifteen months since a last visit to the neighbouring Luane’s Magical World – so a re-visit to both was long overdue.

Luane’s World, home to Luane’s store of the same name, tends to change with the seasons, offering visitors something new to see as each year progresses. At the time of our April visit, the region was sporting a springtime look, rich in greens on boughs and underfoot, with just a hint of summer blossoms to be seen and flowers blooming in the grass. A visit begins (as always) at the store, located in the north-east corner of the region.

Luane's World; Inara Pey, April 2018, on FlickrLuane’s World – click any image for full size

From here, three paths mark possible routes of exploration. Two, marked by stepping-stones, lead the way south and east and south and west, respectively offering routes to  Luane’s Magical World or out into Luane’s World itself. A third dirt-topped paths bends north-east, leading to Luane’s World – Live the Dream, a third Homestead operated and designed by Luane. However, as this is largely private rental properties (enquiries to Luane), we opted to respect people’s privacy and keep out, despite the public paths leading partway around the region.

The path point south-west into Luane’s World leads you along the banks of the waterway which cuts between the region and Luane’s Magical World from the south, feeding into a large hearted-shaped pool of water sitting at the centre of the region.  The path circles this pond, carrying itself over the little channel feeding it to offer the way to an old windmill on one side, and the way past a cosy little café to where it branches, leading the way past a tree house to a beach that curves around the north and west of the region.  Above the beach to the west, the land rises a little, providing space for an old fort, watched over by a lighthouse sitting just off the coast.

Luane's World; Inara Pey, April 2018, on FlickrLuane’s World – click any image for full size

Throughout the region are plenty of places to sit, cuddle and relax – such as the little cottage on the little southern island or scattered across the beach.

Across the water to the east, reached by either stepping-stones or a wooden bridge, is Luane’s Magical World. Hidden by a veil of mist, this is definitely a place for lovers and romance. Frosted tree a spread across waters frozen in time. In this, it remains similar to the first time we visited in December 2016. However, beneath the boughs, the environment has changed – most obviously in the frozen water replacing the snows.

Luane's World; Inara Pey, April 2018, on FlickrLuane’s Magical World

There is no set path through this region, it’s a place to wander and let go of time – although fallen leaves suggest footpaths to follow. Lights glow from the frozen trunks and branches, whilst waiting to be found throughout the region are places to sit and cuddle. These range from an old greenhouse to beds under nets to a hanging chair suspended from a leaf and watched over by unicorns, to a tent guarded by albino elephants.

Elsewhere, under a table of rock at the northern end of the region there are tunnels and caverns awaiting exploration, while those seeking a celebratory meal will find it in an old gazebo, or if a romantic dance is preferred, the impressive ruins of a Gothic chapel offers a stone flagged floor and dance machine.

Luane's World; Inara Pey, April 2018, on FlickrLuane’s Magical World

Luane’s World and Luane’s Magical World can be visited individually or together, depending on your mood. Both offer plenty of opportunities to share time together, and both are beautifully designed (as always) by Luane, and make for memorable visits. Should you take photos during your visit, consider adding them to the Luane’s World Flickr group.

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