Spirits of the Sea in Second Life

Spirits of the Sea – Serena Imagine Arts Centre

Now open at the Serena Imagine Arts Centre, curated by Vita Theas is a new exhibition of images by Storie’s  Helendale (GlitterPrincess Destiny). Spirits of the Sea is, as with Storie’s previous exhibitions, a themed piece, the images reflecting a thought or narrative.

The core element of this theme is provided via a blank verse Storie’s provides with the introduction to the piece:

In my imagination I felt to create the sense…
… that spirits or ghosts
inhabit the sea
with maybe an untimely demise
never the less they continue with their lives
pieces of memories
as seen through my eyes… or the spirits.

Spirits of the Sea – Serena Imagine Arts Centre

So it is that, under a lowering sky befitting the theme, are more than 20 ethereal piece set out over a foaming sea broken by a rocky shoreline. Twelve of the images are set out either side of two cylindrical walkways pointing out to sea. These give the impression you are perhaps in an aquarium or under the sea, looking out at the images within the waters “surrounding” the tunnels. Ladders at the far ends of the tubes allow you to climb down to the water itself – invisiprims prevent any risk of sinking – so you can walk out over the water to see the rest of the pieces.

Taken as a whole, Storie’s pictures displayed here at first appear to be an eclectic mix. All are very ethereal in tone – again, as befitting the theme of spirits and the departed. However, some suggest memories being recalled – the woman putting washing out to dry; the children playing basketball. Others perhaps suggest past tragedies or illness which led to the people within them becoming spirits, lost to the physical world but still going about their business in the other world of our oceans.

Spirits of the Sea – Serena Imagine Arts Centre

But is their existence a happy one? Again, some suggest being caught in a particular moment – that point of death where, beneath the surface of the waves with lungs aching, that final inhalation has been taken, and the body started on a slow journey into the Deep; the torment of helplessness evoked by wheelchair and straitjacket as fears are manifested in the form of sharks circling.

But not all of the images are dark like this; there is also a sense of friendship continued, a flicker here and there of love, dance, companionship – and waiting. In this the clue to all that is going on within these timeless moments is perhaps encapsulated in another blank verse, rising from the waters close to the landing point.

Your arrival makes us certain
our spirits will remain
as we breath in your colours.

we … have become so
as we sleepwalk past our lives.

In echoed depths
Blended well.

Spirits of the Sea – Serena Imagine Arts Centre

An intriguing, captivating exhibition.

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