TerpsiCorps: five artists

TerpsiCorps gallery: Luly Boop (Lulyboop)

Currently on display at the TerpsiCorps ARTWerks gallery is an ensemble exhibition featuring the art of Luly Boop (Lulyboop), Bamboo Barnes, Isadora Alaya (Otcoc), Sabbian Paine and Myra Wildmist. Located in the former Dionysus Workshop Pavilion area, which has been converted into five individual exhibition spaces very much in keeping with the rest of the TerpsiCorps environment.

“My biggest passion in Second Life is photography,” Luly states of her work. “For the last two years, the photography has allowed me to communicate my thoughts, my emotions, to tell histories. SL gives me the ideal setting to do all this.” This is certainly true of the pieces she offers here. Self studies, each has its own story to tell, with three in particular depicting Luly’s relationship with her art.

TerpsiCorps gallery: Luly Boop (Lulyboop)

“In the last year Photoshop has allowed me to expand my ability to express myself through pictures,” she continues, “I intend to learn more about this tool because it allows me to capture SL not always as it is, but use virtual world to give space to my imagination.” Thus, My Thoughts…, My Goal… and My Dreams… – while perhaps NSFW – are beautifully rendered and processed through Photoshop to reflect the beauty of Luly’s relationship with her art – a woman and her camera.

Bamboo Barnes is a self-taught artist who first started capturing images in 2012. “Very soon Second Life art installations became my biggest favourite theme, and they are a reason I continue to log-in to Second Life. I don’t deal with change well in the real world, but with my art, I don’t like to express myself the same way for too long; that is boring.”

TerpsiCorps gallery: Bamboo Barnes

Again, the seven images she offers at TerpsiCorps richly reflect this drive to see her work change – to evolve. Focusing on the art installations of others, each piece is richly evocative and richly presented. Each is very different from the last – although something of an abstract theme is present in several of them.

Sabbian Paine has been capturing the world of Second Life through his lens since early 2009 when he was introduced to the world of Second Life photography. What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion, offering him a freedom to create images of depth and beauty, reflections of an environment he sees as a immersive 3D world filled with art. The seven images Sabbian presents here stand as a magnificent testimony to both his work and viewpoint.

With four pieces offered in monochrome and three in soft tones, there really are marvellous images, each one deeply evocative and rich in narrative.

TerpsiCorps gallery: Sabbian Paine

Isadora Alaya (Otcoc) is a name from SL photography I had not been familiar with prior to visiting TerpsiCorps gallery, where she is exhibiting the largest number of pieces among the first four artists, with nine pictures on display. seven of these are essentially black and white / monochrome studies covering a range of subjects, with two richly coloured and in strong contrast to the others. all are beautifully executed pieces, which comprise pictures of locations within Second Life and studies of art displays  – notably by Haveit Neox – which present a diverse series of statements on our virtual world, each one fully capable of capturing and holding the eye.

The last exhibit on offer is a small installation by Myra Wildmist entitled Your Vagina is Art, a seemingly self-explanatory title, although the installation is far more subtle than the name implies. With images, quotes, observations and new items, complete with an interactive element, this appears to be an installation designed to combine art and a degree of social / sexual commentary. I leave it to you, should you visit, to determine whether it speaks to you or not.

TerpsiCorp gallery: Isadora Alaya (Otcoc)

All five exhibitions have been available at TerpsiCorps for the last couple of months. As such, and while I’m not clear on when they might close / be changed, I do suggest that if you plan visiting, you do so sooner rather than later, just in case.

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