A return to the Art of Nature in Second Life

Art by Nature

Ani (Anibrm Jung), who is an award-winning photographer in the physical world and who has been active in Second Life since 2006, recently opened a new gallery space at Gallery Graine and the Riverside Café.

Based in the Netherlands, Ani specialises in photographing nature. She captures many of her images in her own garden using only her camera and natural light; everything is framed directly through the viewfinder, and no cropping nor image manipulation is used after the fact. In this way, we are able to see each picture exactly as she did when taking it, allowing us to share her own sense of closeness with her subjects.

Art by Nature

Art by Nature, the name of her gallery space, demonstrates this in a powerful tour-de-force  of her work, spread across two floors of the gallery space. Offering a combination of macro images, wildlife studies and landscape and coastal studies, the gallery makes for an engaging visit.

I’ve long been fascinated by Ani’s work – there are times when art and photography from the physical world perhaps doesn’t gain the recognition it deserves in Second Life. Ani’s photography should persuade those who feel physical world art doesn’t work in-world otherwise. Superlatives such as “magnificent”, “beautiful” and more really don’t measure up to the images Ani has brought in-world. Her composition is – to use another superlative – exquisite; these are pictures that would grace any home – digital of physical.

Art by Nature

Were I asked to pick any particular pieces of Ani’s work, I’d honestly be hard put. However, her pictures of cats and ducks (seen in the middle image of this article),  are especially endearing and – having cats of my own – I repeatedly found myself drawn back to them in particular. But that said, all of the pieces on display are fully deserving appreciation – and purchase for those so minded.

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  • Art by Nature, Gallery Graine and the Riverside Cafe (Blue Curacao, rated: Moderate)

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