A Million Freckles in Second Life

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: A Million Freckles
Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: A Million Freckles

“To be honest this exhibition was initiated because the January artist  I invited to exhibit her work at Nitroglobus couldn’t make it,” Dido Haas says in the introduction to an exhibition of her own photography, A Million Freckles, at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery she curates. “I started making a few works and gradually got inspired. Hope you appreciate. It’s rather revealing I must admit, to show so much of your pixel skin.”

The result is 14 large format monochrome images which might be described as minimalist – as Dido notes, there is little use of background or props – which are sensual (nudity is apparent in some, so the exhibition might be considered NSFW in places), personal, revealing and engaging.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: A Million Freckles
Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: A Million Freckles

Within the liner notes, Dido describes a conversation she had with a visitor who the gallery as she completed hanging the images. He asks her if her goal is to attract attention / admiration (presumably for herself rather than her work), and why she didn’t use a model. Her replies to the questions are that she’s not sure if attaining attention / admiration for herself is her goal, and that she doesn’t feel her abilities to frame and express moods and feelings through the use of a model.

I’d tend to agree with Dido on both counts. While these are undoubtedly refined and attractive images of self, it is the mood they evoke which attracts and engages, rather than necessarily how Dido reveals her body within each image. And while, give the use of pose systems, etc., could facilitate the same selection of photos on display, the fact that they are revealing Dido herself makes the expressions of mood and emotion within each of them that much deeper. more unique to her – and thus our own response is deepened knowing it is her revealing / exposing her own moods and sensuality.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: A Million Freckles
Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: A Million Freckles

A Million Freckles will remain open through January.

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3 thoughts on “A Million Freckles in Second Life

  1. I just reread this blog post about my ‘Million Freckles’ exhibition in December 2016. Arghhh, shame on me for not reacting here. I love your analysis of my work Inara. Although a bit late, thanks for this review .
    Dikke kus


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