Cerebral Frame in Second Life

DiXmiX Gallery: Cerebral Fame
DiXmiX Gallery: Cerebral Frame

Currently on display at DiXmiX Gallery, is a selection of thirteen images by Isa Messioptra brought together under the title Cerebral Frame. Taken over the last year or so, the collection comprises both colour and monochrome images spread across the main and mezzanine floors of the gallery, mixing nude studies, examinations of human emotion and moments caught in time.

These are striking pieces – all of which are offered for sale by the artist – each one coming across as a scene from a much larger canvas or story. However, it is left to our imaginations to paint that larger canvas with a narrative sparked by each of the scenes we are witnessing, and so frame them.

DiXmiX Gallery: Cerebral Fame
DiXmiX Gallery: Cerebral Frame

Nor is the narrative necessarily individual to each of the pieces display. For example, displayed on the mezzanine level are four monochrome images – In The Eve, Fragrance and Thank You For The Funky Time at the top of the stairs, and Heirloom, slightly separated from them – which together suggest a common narrative might flow between them, as if each is a paragraph or chapter of an unfolding story.

From a personal standpoint, I found two pictures in particular evocatively striking:  Out Of One Comes Many (seen above) speaks volumes on the subject of composition and of self. It embodies the idea that we are never one person, but the result of multiple selves, which are capable for surfacing  at any moment, sometimes breaking through the painted exterior we are presenting to the world, offering a complete different self narrative to that we may want to project.

DiXmiX Gallery: Cerebral Fame
DiXmiX Gallery: Cerebral Frame

Above Us Only Sky (directly above) is a piece I’ve seen before, and am still struck by its richness and depth on seeing it again. Produced in colour, the opportunity for narrative it presents is  stunning. so much so that is is very easy to become lost within it as one tries to fathom what is being seen and how the mind seeing it is reacting.

This is another superb exhibition by Isa, and one not to be missed.

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