Fris’ Land: a little treat in Second Life

Fris' Land, Liebe; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Fris’ Land, Liebe – click any image for full size

In 2014 I, like many other Second Life users, paid my first visit to Frisland, the region designed by Charlie Namiboo, Anna Barzane and Frislanda “Fris” Ferraris which was based on the phantom island that appeared on virtually all of the maps of the North Atlantic from the 1560s through the 1660s.

The region became an instant hit with visitors, changing its face to match the seasons, and drawing people back time and time again. So much so, that when it did finally come time to say goodbye, it was obvious many would miss it.

Fris' Land, Liebe; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Fris’ Land, Liebe

It seems that Charlie and Fris also found it hard to leave their beloved creation behind, because they’ve just opened up Fris’ Land. While in no any way intended to be a replica of their original vision, it nevertheless offers those of us who miss Frisland with the opportunity to recapture memories of its wintertime look.

Occupying the eastern half of a Homestead region, Fris’ Land presents a snowbound landscape in which familiar pieces from Frisland – the little church, the horses and their little barn, the deck sitting over frigid water – sit alongside barns and houses not seen with the original, offering as new setting to explore and enjoy.

Fris' Land, Liebe; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Fris’ Land, Liebe

From the landing point, located near a large barn offering indoor seating, complete with pot-bellied stove and fireplace to ward off the cold, visitors can wander north or south across the snow, to where either the little red church sits at the north end of the region, or to where a large timber-frame house occupies a study wooden deck on the southern side.

Along the walk to the church, visitors will pass a small deck extending out over the waters between the islands, chairs arranged alongside another pot-bellied stove, just as they did in Frisland (do, as well, keep an eye out for the little black kitten on the deck – he’ll certainly be keeping both eyes on you!). When heading south, be sure follow the stone-line track which meanders past the horses and their hay shed.

Fris' Land, Liebe; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Fris’ Land, Liebe

Throughout the region, there are plenty of places to sit, indoors and out, including an old greenhouse frame sitting on a small dock behind the main barn. However, when exploring, and while there are bridges leading to them, do please keep in mind the island to the west are private residences, and not open to the public.

It’s a delight to see Fris and Charlie sharing their creativity again – and my thanks to Charlie for sending the invite for us to visit. Firs’ Land will remain open for “a couple of months” – so enjoy it while you have the chance!

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