Register for Windlight’s virtual book fair and learn new skills

book fairFrom Monday, June 13th through Sunday, June 19th, Windlight Magazine will be host a special virtual book fair, offering Second Life residents the opportunity to learn new skills, and for those who reside in the United States the opportunity to obtain Amazon e-gift cards.

Announcing the fair through the Windlight website, Windlight Magazine’s founder and owner John (johannes1977 Resident) said:

One of the main goals of Windlight Magazine is to provide free and/or low-cost training and resources to our readers in the areas of the arts. To further this goal, we have created a virtual book fair, where you can obtain free e-books* on the following subjects: art, photography, Adobe products, GIMP, Blender, 3D creation, fashion, fiction, non-fiction, and more!

The fair will take place entirely outside of Second Life, and made available through the following mediums:

  • A Facebook group
  • A Google group
  • A web page link.

Each day of the fair will focus on a specific theme:

  • Monday, June 13th: Manic Art Monday
  • Tuesday, June 14th: Terrific Photography Tuesday
  • Wednesday, June 15th: Adobe Madness
  • Thursday, June 16th: Gimp, Blender, and 3D Oh My
  • Friday, June 17th: Friday Fashion Fetish
  • Saturday, June 18th: Saturday Pot Luck
  • Sunday, June 19th: Lazy Sunday Good Reads.

To participate in the fair, you must register your interest. There is no requirement be on-line all day when attending; you can simply log on and view the provided links from your preferred attendance medium. After you’ve registered you’ll be sent a note card in-world with information on how to access the fair through your preferred medium.

*Note that due to copyright restrictions not all of the selected titles may be available in your country of residence.

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