Werewolves. witches, wars, and warriors

It’s time to kick-off a week of story-telling in voice, brought to our virtual lives by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library. As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s Second Life home at Bradley University, unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday, April 24th 18:00: Magicland Storytime

Caledonia shares stories of delight and joy on stage at the newly remodelled Golden Horseshoe.

Monday April 25th, 19:00 at Fantasy Faire LitFest: The Orphan

orphanGyro Muggins reads Robert Stillman’s fantasy tale.

The werewolf is a creature of the night, a solitary, fur-covered thing. A wild-eyed, five clawed beast with a taste for blood and the soft crunch of bone between the teeth. But as little Robert, the werewolf has been adopted by a kindly farmer and his wife.

Neither Robert nor the monster could control the shifting of its form, and always, the emerged beast lurked within, ready to spring for the throat.

Tuesday April 26th, 19:00 at Fantasy Faire LitFest: The Witch’s Headstone

TheGraveyardBook_HardcoverCaledonia Skytower and Shandon Loring read this Neil Gaiman short story which originally formed a chapter of  The Graveyard Book

THERE WAS A WITCH buried at the edge of the graveyard, it was common knowledge. Bod had been told to keep away from that corner of the world by Mrs. Owens as far back as he could remember.

“Why?” he asked.

“T’aint healthy for a living body,” said Mrs. Owens. “There’s damp down that end of things. It’s practically a marsh. You’ll catch your death.”

Mr. Owens himself was more evasive and less imaginative. “It’s not a good place,” was all he said.

Wednesday April 27th 19:00: Crazy Eights: The War that Saved My Life

War savedCaledonia Skytower reads Kimberly Brubaker Bradley’s children’s story.

It is the Second World War, and when nine-year-old Ada’s little brother is evacuated from London to escape the blitz, she is determined not to be left behind because her mother is too ashamed to allow her to be seen in public with her twisted foot.

So it is that Ada, experiencing her first time in the world beyond the house in which she has always lived, finds herself on an adventure, adapting to life with Susan Smith, the woman charged with caring for Ada’s little brother, and who unexpectedly finds herself with a second ward in her care.

As time passes, Ada learns to ride a pony, watches for German spies, and  finds a bond forming between her and Susan smith, a bond shared with her brother, but over which hangs the shadow of what will happen when they have to return to London and the cruelty of Ada’s mother.

Thursday, April 28th 19:00 at Fantasy Faire LitFest: Conan – Phoenix on the Sword

conan pheonixConan, having overthrown the tyrant Numedides to gain the bloody crown of Aquilonia, is finding that being a monarch isn’t really the same as being a warrior.

While the people  of  Aquilonia might have originally cheered Conan as their liberator, they have started to turn against him, regarding him as impure by his Cimmerian blood, and increasingly seeing him as a bloody interloper who cruelly killed their sainted King Numedides.

Then the Red Four come together, determined to pass the crown to someone of royal Aquilonian lineage – even means assassinating Conan in the process. To achieve this goal, they recruit the outlaw Ascalante.

But while he is willing to put an end to Conan, Ascalante has no intention of passing the crown to anyone else once the Cimmerian is dead.

Saturday, April 30th, 11am @Seanchai Kitely: Explore Anton’s Stories

Selections from the short stories of Anton Chekhov with Caledonia Skytower – grid.kitely.com:8002:EXPLORESeanchai .


Please check with the Seanchai Library SL’s blog for updates and for additions or changes to the week’s schedule.

The featured charity for March / April is Project Children, building peace in Ireland one child at a time.

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