The Quill & Pen: literary expression in Second Life

WindlightSince its establishment, the Windlight brand has striven to promote all aspects of artist expression in Second Life. Each month, Windlight Magazine provides insight into the SL art scene, reviewing exhibitions and regions, interviewing artists and creators, providing tutorials, and more.

At the same time, the Windlight Gallery offers display space for artists wishing to participate in the Windlight Artist Fellowship Programme,  the artistic aspects of fashion are represented through The Edge gallery and publications, whilst Windlight sponsors and supports arts and artists through competitions and shows such as the Windlight Magazine Spring Arts Show and the 30/31 events.

The breadth of Windlight’s support of virtual arts is one of the reasons I’m particularly delighted to be associated with the brand, both as a contributing writer and as someone able to provide a little back room support when needed.

It’s also why I’m pleased to be able to relay the news that, starting in June Windlight will also be supporting the literally expressions of Second Life users with the launch of a new twice-yearly literary journal The Quill and Pen, and that I’ll be serving in an editorial capacity with the publication.

quill and penthe Quill and Pen will be published in both digital and ebook formats every June and December, and submissions are welcome for poetry, non-fiction, and fiction (including flash stories).

The broad submission guidelines for each category are:

  • Poetry: one poem per page, no more than six pages, single spaced and left justified
  • Non-fiction: one essay up to 1500 words, no extra space between paragraphs, white space for section breaks only
  • Fiction: One story up to 1500 words, double spaced, no extra space between paragraphs. White space for section breaks only
  • Flash stories: up to 500 words, double spaced, no extra space between paragraphs. White space for section breaks only

Pieces may have been previously published, and writers can submit up to two pieces per issue (either to the same category, or a mix of two categories).

For more complete information on submissions, please refer to the submissions guidelines in the Quill and Pen submissions form.

I’m looking forward to both seeing the first issue published and seeing submissions as they come in. So whether you use quill, pen or keyboard, if you enjoy writing for your pleasure,, i hope the announcement of The Quill and Pen will encourage you to write – and to submit your work!

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    1. I’m not directly involved in publication activities, but I understand the deadline will be no earlier than mid-May.


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