Spring into the arts with the Windlight Show

Opening on Monday, April 11th, 2016 is the Windlight Magazine Spring Arts Show, one of the biggest arts events taking place in Second Life this year.

More than 50 2D and 3D artists are participating, with art displays taking place both within traditional galley-style units, and outdoors under the open skies or within individual gazebos scattered across the Windlight lawns.

Running through until Sunday, April 17th, the Spring Arts Show also includes daily entertainment with DJs, live performances and tribute acts, storytelling and poetry readings, a hunt and photo contest, and a fashion show as well.

Land alongside the Windlight Gallery and office grounds has been transformed for the event, with lots to see and do. Many of the participating artists are taking part in a juried art competition with a prize pool of L$20,000, with the rest participating as non-juried artists. The event has been generously sponsored by Azul, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, Dope Magazine, Ferosh, Ghee,  Lyrical Poetry Cafe, Magnum Opus, Meshopotamia, Pink Ice Boutique, PotPourri Markets, Prism Designs, SL Live Radio, Models Giving Back, The Edge Gallery, The Fantasy Angels, and Windlight Magazine.

To join in with the entertainment and events planned for the weekend, check the Spring Arts Show events calendar. However, some highlights for the week include:

  • Monday, April 11th
    • 04:00 SLT – informal opening
    • 16:00 SLT – formal opening
    • All day and every day: Paint Bucket Hunt
  • Tuesday, April 12th
    • 17:30 SLT – Lyrical Poetry Cafe
  • Wednesday, April 13th
    • 16:00 SLT – Spring Art Ball
  • Friday , April 15th
    • 17:00 SLT – Obero the Great
  • Saturday, April 16th
    • 13:00 SLT – Models giving Back fashion show
    • 16:00 SLT – Duran Duran tribute concert
    • 17:00 SLT – Juried Art Contest winners announced
  • Sunday, April 17th
    • 11:00 SLT – Seanchai Library storytelling
    • 13:00 SLT – Elysium Cabaret
    • 16:00 SLT – Marilyn Mansion tribute concert.

With its rich diversity of 2D and 3D art, full entertainments programme, the Windlight Magazine Spring Show is a superb means of seen the work of photographers and artists from across SL as well as an opportunity to discover the art of the spoken word through poetry readings and storytelling. So be sure to check it out through the week.

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