When art inspires stories in Second Life

Stories at the Park - Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park – Stories at the Park

On Sunday April 3rd, and in collaboration with the folk at Seanchai Library, we launched the first in a new series at Holly Kai Park called Stories at the Park.

Arising from a discussion about the arts in Second Life between myself and Caledonia Skytower, Stories at the Park is a companion to out Art at the Park exhibition series. The idea is that at each Stories at the Park event, members of Seanchai Library and their guests will read, in Voice, stories or poems inspired by selected works of our Invited Artists currently on display at the Park’s hilltop exhibition area. Each story must be precisely 100 words in length, no more, no less (known as a “drabble”), while poems can be of any form, so long as they do no exceed 100 words.

To start the first session, Caledonia Skytower and Kayden Oconnell presented a total of 25 stories and poems inspired by the work of our Invited Artists for February / March: Io Bechir, Goodcross, Hana Hoo, Mistero Hifeng and Sisse Singh.

Holly Kai Park: Art at the Park and Stories at the Park
Holly Kai Park: Art at the Park and Stories at the Park

The event took place at the stone gazebo (from here on called the storyteller’s gazebo 🙂 ), located in the middle of the hilltop exhibition space at the park, a short walk up the hill from the landing point. Over 15 people attended the readings, with some arriving early to look at the art on display, before taking their places at the tables in the gazebo or on the cushions located around the low wall or simply standing out on the grass.

Cale and Kayden opted to read their stories and poems in groups of 3 apiece, offering a nice ebb and flow of readings between them So nice, in fact, I became so wrapped up in their tales, I forgot to take any photos of the gathering! Afterwards several stayed on to wander through the park and chat about the event and the art on display.

For those who didn’t make the event, Caledonia and Kayden kindly agreed to allow their stories and poems to be reprinted on the Holly Kai blog. The pieces are presented by artist, complete with an image of the art which inspired each of them, and some include an audio reading as well. So do please follow the links below and enjoy the crop of the first round of Stories at the Park.


Note: all written works by Caledonia Skytower ©2016 by Judith Cullen and all works by Kayden Oconnell © 2016 by Kevin Lee. Reproduced with the permission of the authors. If you plan to reblog any or all of the poems and stories, please ensure you have the authors’ written consent first.