Linden Lab invites users in-world for exclusive 1-day message!

Linden Lab Town Hall Island - focus for a special message (image: Linden Lab)
Linden Lab Town Hall Island – focus for a special message (image: Linden Lab)

The start of the month is always a good time to make important announcements, so it should come as no surprise that on Friday, April 1st, the Lab are making am exclusive announcement. You may have already heard about it, but I thought I’m help spread the word, just in case 😉 .

Because of the nature of the announcement, which features a special message featuring guest announcer Rick Astley, it is only available in-world, so the Lab have opened the 4-region Town Hall Island to ensure as many people as possible can get to hear it.

The blog post announcing the news reads in part:

You may have heard that in addition to continued work to improve Second Life, Linden Lab is developing a new platform for user-created virtual experiences, code-named Project Sansar. (If you’d like to learn more about it, check out some of the recent press in our media archive.)

Project Sansar is not a sequel to nor a replacement for Second Life, and that the two will run in parallel. Although different from Second Life in a number of respects, Project Sansar has understandably aroused the interest and curiosity of many Second Life Residents. We’re very grateful for that enthusiasm! While it’s still very early for Project Sansar, today we have a special message to share in-world –  exclusively with Second Life Residents.

When visiting the regions, do make sure you have media enabled, in order to hear Mr. Astley and the message. And remember, as the official blog post states – this message is only available for today, April 1st, 2016.

Addendum: as some appear to be having issues with the message, it is also available here.

6 thoughts on “Linden Lab invites users in-world for exclusive 1-day message!

  1. Who would think that even LL, which I personally think has the public relations of a sloth, would actually sink to the point of pulling a Rick Roll us…..Utilizing a subject that is already damaging SL and quite possibly their bottom line.

    Not amusing, I’m sorry.


  2. What was the video about? I had no sound inworld and on youtube it was blocked for copyright reasons.


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