A cheerful visit in Second Life

[G]aio; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr [G]aio – click any image for full size

There are some extraordinary lovely regions popping up across Second Life right now, several of which I’ve been fortunate to visit recently, and I’m adding. [G]aio (Italian: cheerful, happy) to the list.

The work of cambiamento Radikal, [G]aio is a homestead region nestled between tall green mountains, presenting the feeling of being a small cluster of islands sitting on a lake and caught in a perennial summer’s morning, the sky yellowed by a slowly rising sun gradually hauling its way up over the eastern peaks.

[G]aio; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr [G]aio

The largest of the islands offers  a Tuscan farmhouse sitting to the south-west, the outhouses of which present games rooms and the chance to enjoy a little wine. Those who prefer can dance out in the courtyard (touch the sign next to the house for poseballs), or they can sit and sip wine and watch the sheep drinking at the water trough alongside a small coral. The latter is home to a saddled horse awaiting anyone who might want to ride him.

Outside the farm buildings, a stone path leads the way along a tongue of land running east, past grapes growing on the vine and corn on the cob, to a children’s play area. Beyond this, the tongue of land continues east then north to arrive small headland crowned with a copse of tall fir trees through which sunlight slants.

[G]aio; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr [G]aio

A rope bridge connects this headland with the second largest island as it sits cupped in the arms of the first. A rutted track undulated across this island, under the boughs of trees and between thick hedges. Two stone bridges, hopping to a much smaller island offer the way back to the farm, leading visitors past a magical faery ring in the process.

[G]aio may not appear to be as extensive as other region designs, but this doesn’t make it any less endearing. There is a beautifully rural feeling to it, perfectly underlined by a gentle ambient sound scape. It is also a place which naturally lends itself to photography under a range of windlight settings (there are also poses available, and rezzing is set with a 60-minutes return time).

[G]aio; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr [G]aio

For those who simply want to spend time together, snuggling, exploring or dancing, [G]aio is equally the ideal destination, offering plenty of opportunity for all three, with cambiamento a convivial host (we spent a good part of my most recent visit in conversation). Should you enjoy your visit to {G]aio, do please consider making a donation towards the region’s upkeep (via the courtyard water trough).

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