SL project updates 16 11/2: server / viewer / Aditi

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Server Deployments Week 11 – Recap

There was no planned Main (SLS) channel deployment / restart for the week. On Wednesday, March 16th, the three RC channels were updated with an improved server maintenance project comprising script fixes and internal improvements. The lack of recent deployments remains down to ongoing infrastructure updates occurring across the Lab’s simulator servers.

SL Viewer

On Thursday, March 17th, the Maintenance RC viewer, version, was updated to the de facto release viewer. This viewer does have an issue with invisiprims, which the viewer renders as solid  objects with invalid textures, rather than leaving them transparent, as intended, whether or not ALM is enabled (ALM having previously “broken” invisiprims) – see BUG-11562.

On Friday, March 18th, the HTTP / Vivox viewer was updated to version, which I assume is a rebuild based on the new release viewer, potentially marking this viewer as the next-in-line for promotion (subject to updates with the Quick Graphics RC).

Aditi Inventory Syncing

The new process for syncing users’ Aditi inventory with their Agni inventory has not gone live as anticipated. however, all things being equal, it will be deployed in week #12. This means that, going forward, a user’s Aditi inventory will no longer be overwritten when they change their password and log-in to Aditi, nor will a password change be required to trigger an Aditi inventory sync.

Instead, anyone logging-in to Aditi will automatically have their inventory copied from Agni to Aditi a part of a new process (run at about 06:00 SLT each day). This will happen each time a persona logs in to Aditi, unless their inventory is already flagged for copying, and instead of overwriting a person’s existing Aditi inventory, the incoming Agni inventory will be merged with their existing Aditi inventory, with checks to avoid unnecessary duplication of items each time this occurs and to ensure thing like Trash contents and COF aren’t copied as well.

Other Items

Created Agents for SL?

Lucia Nightfire filed an interesting feature request, proposing the use of created agents in SL. A created agent is essentially the same as regular avatar or bot, but without an internet connection to the server. Created agents have an object-style inventory, and can attach things in a similar manner to regular avatars. Such an approach could allow the development of pets, breedables, ridables, NPC’s, monsters, game enemies, all without the associated cost and complexity of using other means of achieving the same result. See BUG-11368 for more.

What’s now interesting is that the request has been accepted by the Lab. This doesn’t mean it definitely will happen, but it means they are at least interested in considering the potential of the idea.

5 thoughts on “SL project updates 16 11/2: server / viewer / Aditi

    1. There are a lot of ideas that have been put forward of late to which the Lab has made very favourable noises (such as being able to “unwear” the default avatar). It’ll be interesting to see wher they go and what is adopted once Bento is out the door.


      1. So many exciting possibilities on the SL horizon, and then there’s Sansar too…..personally I’m finding it hard to wait!

        Guess I’ll just keep on shopping 😉


  1. re. Created Agents: A wonderful idea, I have been thinking in terms of NPCs, this is better.
    Downside: I can hear the howl of the Chicken Littles (you know who they are) as bots are replaced and concurrency goes down again.


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