Enjoying spring at The Trace in Second Life

The Trace; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr The Trace – click any image for full size

Kylie Jaxxon recently invited Caitlyn and I to visit the latest iteration of her homestead region The Trace (aka The Trace too), which recently re-opened following a further joint make-over by Kylie and Elvira Kytori (also the owner of White Dunes Estate rentals). As I’ve always enjoyed both Kylie’s and Elivra’s work, it was an invitation I was delighted to accept, and to introduce Caitlyn to The Trace.

The new design, as I commented to Ziki Questi, who was also visiting when Caitlyn and I hopped over, is perhaps the finest in the series of The Trace builds to date. Beautifully scenic, with open vistas at every turn, it is simply a joy to spend time there either wandering or, as Caitlyn and I have done, simply snuggling in one of the many  lookout points, and watch the world roll by.

The Trace; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr The Trace

Two rocky shouldered islands make up the current design, one curved and pointing like an arrowhead to the north-west, the second more rounded and sheltered by the arms of the first, lying to the south-east. Between them runs a rocky channel of sea water spanned by the arches of a single bridge made of cut stone. Each island is also distinguished by its flora; the more northerly of the two is topped by long grasses and yellow wild flowers, while the more southerly island is rich in lilac wild flowers, given it the feel of heathland.

A number of houses and cabins at scattered across the islands, giving the impression that this is perhaps a vacation retreat; a place to come to and forget the stresses of every day life. Perhaps these islands are reached via a day trip out from a mainland which hides just over the horizon; far enough away to give the illusion of escape whilst here, but close enough to make a visit convenient.

The Trace; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr The Trace

Board walks lead the visitor across the north island, winding through the grass and flowers to the beaches at either end of the island’s curve. Across the solid span of the bridge, a cobbled road leads up to the top of the island, lilac flowers encroaching upon it, and to one of the flat-topped cabins.

An old lighthouse tower stand guard at the south-westerly edge of the rounded island, waves breaking against the rocks at its feet. Follow the slope down from the cabin towards the lighthouse, and you’ll discover a wooden walkway running around the island’s rugged coastline to a broad expanse of beach, which can also be reached overland from the top of the hill. Across the beach, a small wooden bridge and deck spans the watery channel separating the beaches of the two islands and connecting them – at least at low tide.

The Trace; Inara Pey, March 2016, on Flickr The Trace

As noted at the top of this article, this iteration of The Trace is perhaps the most eye-catching in the series, all of which I’ve enjoyed visiting and exploring. Matched by a perfect ambient sound scape, a windlight which reduces colours to perfect soft tones and colours, and plenty of opportunities for photography and for just sitting and relaxing. certainly, it has already drawn Caitlyn and I back to it more than once – and it may well have the same impact on you.

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