Xiola Linden says, “share your Second Life video tutorials!”

Xiola "show us your video tutorials!" (image by Strawberry Singh)
Xiola “show us your video tutorials!” (image by Strawberry Singh)

On Wednesday, March 9th, I blogged about a new Tips and Tricks blog post which appeared on the official SL blogs, with the general title of Tips and Tricks from the Community.

In writing my article, I pondered if the Lab’s post marked a one-off or the start of a new regular or semi-regular series from the Lab.

In response to my musings, Xiola Linden dropped me an e-mail on the matter:

Hello Inara,

I wanted to let you know that we would appreciate if anyone spots a particular tutorial they found helpful that they consider sharing it with us for consideration.

I’d love to revive that section of our blogs and highlight the wonderful Resident generated content available and yet to be created.

So, if you do have video tutorials you’re like to have shared with other Second Life residents, get in contact with either Xiola or Torley and let them know where they can find your work. They’ll take a look at it for possible inclusion in a future Tips and Tricks from the Community post.

You can reach either Xiola or Torley on Plurk, or via the Second Life Official Twitter account, or you can leave a message for them on the Second Life Facebook page. However you make contact, make sure you let them know where to find your tutorial videos!

In addition, Xiola went on to say:

We have, in addition to bringing back the blog, started a playlist on our YouTube channel specifically for Resident tutorials that we’d like to continue to curate with more. There is a modest few there now, but it will grow as we identify more of the great content out there and hope the Second Life community will help us in doing so!

So, even if you don’t have (or know of) any tutorial videos which could be of interest to other Second Life users, you can still keep an eye on the Second Life You Tube channel and the tutorial playlist and keep abreast of resident’s own tips, tricks and teachings!