Artists and solitude in Second Life

Hana Hoo, Solitudes, CKB Gallery

Hana Hoo, Solitudes, CKB Gallery

Opening on Sunday, March 6th at noon SLT is an ensemble exhibition entitled Solitudes, which is taking place at  CK Ballyhoo’s CKB Gallery on Mistwood Isle.

On display are works by Whimsical Aristocrat, Jamisson Burnstein, Sera Galaxy, Hana Hoo, Rawnie Lane, Johannes1977, Peep Sideshow, Ceakay Ballyhoo and myself. As the title of the exhibition suggests, each artist’s works (three each) on the theme of solitude. Such are the different approaches each of us takes to our work, the result is a broad range of images, each set of pictures distinct from the others, yet all recognisably linked by the theme.

Sera Galaxy - Solitudes, CKB Gallery

Sera Galaxy – Solitudes, CKB Gallery

From avatar studies through ethereal, story-like images, to landscapes and sea views, the exhibition is set out on the slightly fog-bound beach at Mistwood Isle, the fog adding an appropriate level of atmosphere given the theme of the display.

“For this exposition I’ve asked some of my favourite SL-Flickr photographers to join me in displaying works around the theme Sollitude,” CK says of the exhibition, “I find it exciting to work with a theme and have guest artists at the gallery, because nobody looks at a theme in the same way and it is interesting to find other people’s take on things. The many different styles and angles are always a joy to discover!”

Solitudes, CKB Gallery

Solitudes, CKB Gallery

The opening will feature the music of Lisa Brune, and the exhibition itself runs through until the end of the month.

For myself,  I’m very honoured to have my pieces displayed among such a gathering of talent; particularly given some of them are artists I know well and admire for their incredible work. My thanks to CK for allowing me to be a part of it.

Solitudes, CKB Gallery

Solitudes, CKB Gallery

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