SL project updates 16 3/1: Server updates and Bento examples

Telrunya - Forest of Dreams; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr Telrunya – Forest of Dreams (Flickr) – blog post

Server Deployments

As always, check the server deployment thread for any updates.

On Tuesday, January 19th, the Main (SLS) channel received the server update package previously deployed to the three RC channel. This comprises:

  • Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_TOTAL_INVENTORY_COUNT – when targeting an object, OBJECT_TOTAL_INVENTORY_COUNT will return the total of all inventory types in each link of the linkset. See BUG-10575 for further details
  • Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_PRIM_COUNT – provides a means to get a worn attachment’s prim count (rather than just returning 0).  See BUG-10646 for further details.
  • Simulator crash fixes.

On Wednesday, January 20th, the three RC channels should be updated with a new server maintenance package. However, at the time of writing, it looked questionable if the deployment would go ahead. On  Tuesday, January 19th, Simon Linden informed the Simulator User Group meeting attendees that there was a problem on the latest deployment image for update which caused it to refuse to start, and was under investigation.

If the deployment does go ahead, it will comprise a simulator crash fix and a further feature request: llGetObjectDetails() functionality to get the parent_id of any task in the region (OBJECT_REZZER_KEY). This returns the parent_id of any task in the region:

  • If the object came from an object rezzer it returns the ID of the parent object
  • If it was rezzed by an avatar, it returns the agent ID of the avatar.

It will only return details for those objects rezzed in-world after the code has been implemented. Objects already in-world prior to deployment will be ignored (NULL_KEY is returned).

Project Bento

no major news here, other than initial filming for The Drax Files World Makers special on Bento took place on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016. There will be a further round of filming on Wednesday, January 20th. If you are an animator  / content creator who has something you’d like to demonstrate and possibly have filmed for the episode, please contact Draxtor Despres in-world ASAP.

In the meantime, a short piece I stitched together at the filming session, showing an avatar rigged to use the Bento finger extensions compared to a avatar without the rigging; a centaur and a part of bat wings (both by Aki Shichiroji)  utilising the Bento bones.

Finger animation in the video by Abramelin Wolfe. Elephant in the splash image by Medhue Simoni.

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