Vote for Windlight Magazine in the UK Blog Awards

UKBA-logoThe UK Blog Awards, sponsored by Odeon Cinemas, Debenhams department stores,  and Hills Balfour PR agency, was founded in 2014 “to recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 16 UK industries, as well as awarding 2 sub-categories: Best Storyteller and Most Innovative award.”

“For what may seem like a lifetime, company employees and private individuals have been found Blogging about opinions, facts and sharing good practice with viewers of the worldwide web since the early 1990s,” the organisers note. “So, here at UKBA we thought it was about time that individual Bloggers and companies received recognition for all your well-earned innovative opinions and content!”

Nominations for the 2015 UK Blog Awards were held over November / December 2015, and one of the blogs nominated for a possible award has been Second Life’s own Windlight Magazine, for which I’m privileged to be a Contributing Writer.

Read the January 2016 edition of Windlight Magazine

Since its inception in July 2015, Windlight has become perhaps the premier arts magazine in Second Life, featuring a team of highly talented writers (and I’m not simply saying that because I do contribute!), and an outstanding editor / founder in the form of John (Johannes1977 Resident).

During the months following its inaugural issue, Windlight Magazine has provided superb coverage of the arts in Second Life, and has gradually encompassed broader elements of the platform – travel, fashion, etc.

At the same time, the Magazine has sought to promote the arts through the Windlight Fellowships, has supported notable charity activities, and has most recently stepped in to sponsor the UWA art gallery.

During this same period, the Windlight blog has become a go-to resource by which people can discover the arts in Second Life, learn how to improve their SL photography, find advice on art, photography and writing, read reviews of places to visit in-world, and more. As such, it is a worthy nominee for a UK Blog Award.

UKBABut it needs your help.

Public voting on blogs nominated for the 2015 Awards commenced on Monday, January 4th and will run through until the end of February. The top 10 most popular blog from the various categories in the nominations will then be shortlisted for judging by an adjudicating panel of experts, with the winners being announced at a special awards evening which will in London ion Friday, April 29th, 2016 (full details TBA).

To help ensure Windlight Magazine might be one of those finalists, please click on the image immediately above right, and place your vote.

Doing so might not only help Windlight Magazine reach the finals and possibly receive and award, but it will also help promote Second Life and Second Life arts to the rest of the world.

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