Sky Fire in pictures at The Living Room

Sky Fire at The Living Room
Sky Fire at The Living Room

Now open through until December 29th at The Living Room Gallery is an exhibition focusing on the work of Lexi Marshdevil and Particle Tom, known together as Sky Fire, and who are responsible for some of the most stunning particle shows in second Life.

On display are a series of images taken from the duo’s shows Legend of the White Rock and On Tour with Jed Luckless, which offer insight into the work of Sky Fire in the use of particle shows to both tell stories and provide an immersive visual experience to accompany live music events.

Sky Fire at The Living Room
Sky Fire at The Living Room

The storytelling element of Sky Fire’s work is very much evident in Legend if the White Rock, a tale of young love (albeit that of the son of a sea-god and the princess of a tribe of indians), which as Lexi explains proved inspirational:

Having grown up in White Rock, Canada, the Legend has always been an integral part of my life. Living near the beach, the Semiahmoo reservation, and hanging  out  at the famous white rock itself meant that it was a constant reminder of a wonderful story. As I happened to read the Legend again one night I realised how perfect the concept would fit into a beautiful particle show interpretation. The angst of young lovers, the Native American princess and her life amongst her tribe,  her suitor,  Neptune’s son,  who lived beneath the ocean , and how love would set them free eventually to start a whole new world of their own, that would continue through time.

Sky Fire at The Living Room
Sky Fire at The Living Room

The images from On Tour with Jed Luckless obviously illustrate how music and particle shows can be combined to present a visual and aural extravaganza.

As a part of the exhibition, Jed Luckless will be singing at The Living Room in a 2-hour special mid-month musical event on Thursday, December 17th, starting at 17:00 SLT.

The Sky Fire exhibition will, as noted, run through until December 29th, when there will be a closing party featuring Boney Mosey, starting at 18:00 SLT. Those who have seen The Legend of the White Rock may wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to buy a copy of a book featuring images from the show.

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