Of rocks and chapels


The new outdoor bath on the new level of the island, with the steps up to the house
The new outdoor bath on the new level of the island, with the steps up to the house

It’s the start of a new month, so must be time to fiddle with house and home 🙂 .

Back in August, I wrote about re-arranging things at home to make use of some of the bits and bobs purchased for the Impressions installation at LEA 6. particular making use of the Fanatik Rocky Island. At that time I noted a minor niggle with the texturing of the rock, which suffers from blurred / stretched textures which become particularly noticeable if the rock is resized even a little. Due to its design, it doesn’t take too well to being re-textured, either.

While of itself a small niggle, this is the kind of thing which can easily grow into a nag once noticed. And that’s what happened when we moved things around to made space for the Skye Beach House. Something Had To Be Done.

The house, ramp and expanded beach
The house, ramp and expanded beach, and new chapel ruins

So, it was off back to Fanatik to pick up their Cliff Cover Mountain set of rocks, which were used to replace the Rocky Island.  This gave us some immediate benefits: more room for the house itself, an additional level in the design of the island, and a bigger beach area, which can still be reach via a rocky ramp from the house. Most importantly of all though, were the reclaimed LI gained; at 118LI, the Rocky Island can eat into a budget, and replacing it gave us over half the LI back.

The additional capacity has allowed us to add to the “old ruins” feel to the place. On the new middle part of the island, for example, we now have section of wall and a tower overlooking the waterfalls and offering a sheltered place for an outdoor rustic bath courtesy of Cory Edo. I’ve always loved the idea of outdoor baths and showers since my time in Sri Lanka, so sort-of replicating something of that in-world has been a delight.

The chapel - offering something a little different to broken walls for the ruins
The chapel – offering something a little different to broken walls for the ruins

to further add to the ruins, a medieval chapel has now been added to  the lower section of the island, replacing one of the larger wall sections and a tower. At 26 LI, this partial mesh build is not heavy, but it is big; fortunately, it’s also Mod, so resizing and re-texturing it was simple enough; with a quick shearing away of unnecessary parts, the LI came down to 12 without losing any character, and it fitted it nicely. By rights, the windows should perhaps be turned inwards rather than looking out over the sea, but we’re happy with the look and the chapel makes for a nice snuggle, particularly as it is lit by one of CioTToLiNa Xue’s beautiful sculptures.

So, that’s it for another month – or possibly longer! We’re happy with the way things look now,  so it’s unlikely too much will be changing in the future 🙂 .



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