Peatonville Bay: gateway to the asylum in Second Life

Peatonville Bay; Inara Pey, October 2015, on Flickr Peatonville Bay – click any image for full size

MadPea Games will be launching their latest adventure on Friday, October 9th, when the gates open on the Peatonville Asylum in Second Life (Gold key holders get early access from Thursday, October 8th).

A HUD hud-based, grid-wide adventure game featuring a layered storyline with puzzles, horror and intrigue, Peatonville Asylum includes two core regions to explore, created by the MadPea team.

The first of these regions, Peatonville Bay, is now open for visitors to explore, and is the focus of a special photography competition – of which, more below.

Peatonville Bay; Inara Pey, October 2015, on Flickr Peatonville Bay

But what is Peatonville Asylum? I’ll simply quote from the introduction:

The Peatonville Asylum is rumoured to be haunted since November 1943, when all 22 residents – both patients and staff all vanished without a trace. Peatonville Asylum was never re-opened again.. Until now, when mysterious shards have been found from the asylum grounds. The researchers believe the shards belong to what were called Soulstones, special stones used by shamans to heal souls and restore eternal youth.

The Research Laboratory is offering rewards for any shards of the Soulstone.

Do you dare to enter the asylum to look for the shards and solve the mystery of the missing people?

Peatonville Bay; Inara Pey, October 2015, on Flickr Peatonville Bay

HUDs for the game follow the lead set with MadPea’s recent game, The Collection (which I previewed here), with three HUD packages on offer: the Bronze (L$100), Silver (L$500) and Gold (L$1000).all three packages provide the HUD and game play; however, the Silver offers a special goodie bag of items and 25 special Silver prizes, while the Gold offers everything from both Bronze and Silver packages, a special game play outfit, and additional ghost hunt (and ghost camera) plus a further 25 special Gold prizes. You can catch a sneak peek at some of the prizes on the MadPea blog.

Peatonville Bay is the point at which the adventure begins. Here players, armed with their HUDs, can board the Peatonville Island ferry, Queen of Denial, for the trip to the island and the Asylum. It is also, as mentioned, the focus for a photography competition. On offer is a single prize: L$3000 and a Gold HUD for the game.

Peatonville Bay; Inara Pey, October 2015, on Flickr Peatonville Bay

To be in with a chance of winning, entrants can submit up to 5 photographs taken within Peatonville Bay to the MadPea Flickr group. Photos may be edited, but must be titled “Peatonville Bay Photo Contest – [your name]”. The closing date for entries is Thursday, October 8th.

The region has been beautifully put together, as I hope the images here show, with great opportunities for photographs, exploring and shopping (you might even catch me featured in one of the stores – not that this is particularly relevant, but it surprised me! 🙂 ).

Keep an eye on the MadPea blog for the latest news and updates on Peatonville Asylum.

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