Line and Shadow in Second Life

Line and Shadow
Line and Shadow

Open now, and for approximately two weeks at Solodonna Land’s Art on Roofs gallery space operated by Sniper Siemens and Elettra Beardmore and curated by Terrygold, is an exhibition of  images by noted Second Life photographer Ziki Questi.

In Line and Shadow, Ziki notes that she offers images taken at various locations (including Art on Roofs itself), between May and September 2015, together with a series of erotic images she has taken of herself and partner Kinn, to present a display of some 24 images in total.

Ziki’s work has always been captivating to the eye, and the images on display here are no exception. Her familiar panoramic image ratio is once again used to enormous effect, bringing forth her subject matter perfectly.

Line and Shadow
Line and Shadow

Some of the images on offer form what might be considered something of a Second Life retrospective, because while some of the images feature places we can visit and enjoy today, such as Sommergewitter and Bella Place; many of the landscapes featured belong to places which have now sadly passed into memory, such as Roche, Santaurio and The Forgotten City.

Art installations are also very much a feature, and unsurprisingly so, given Ziki’s extensive coverage of the arts in SL. Thus it is that visitors will encounter images of Bryn Oh’s piece for Distrito Distinto, which recently featured at MetaLES, Neva Crystall’s HuManoID, Alpha Auer’s Alpha Tribe, and Storm Septimus’ Failure to Thrive.

Interspersed between the landscape and art images are the more personal / erotic pieces. These offer a strong contrast in terms of content whilst further demonstrating Ziki’s measured eye for composition and framing.

Line and Shadow
Line and Shadow

This is yet another impressive display of work by an artist whose reputation is well-deserved, and who never fails to capture the very essence of her subject matter, presenting images which both captivate and entice.

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