The passing of Lumiere Noir

lumiere-1_001News is spreading of the sudden passing of Lumiere Noir, the man behind the Ivory Tower of Primitives, who died suddenly on Monday, August 10th, 2015.

Famous for his “Black Spy” avatar, Lumiere joined Second Life at the end of 2003, and originally built the Ivory Tower of Primitives on Noya. Later during 2004, a branch of the Tower was established on Natoma, functioning alongside the original until that was demolished in 2006.

A self-guided, self-paced tutorial and library to in-world building in Second Life, the Ivory Tower has been – and remains – an essential reference centre to all who treasure the art of in-world content creation.

By founding it, Lumiere extended his physical world abilities as a teacher into virtual spaces to great effect and the benefit of others. In Second life he was known as an open friend, excellent mentor, and for his sense of fun the good-natured mischievous twinkle in his eye.

As per the notices placed out around the Tower, objects of condolence from those who knew him should be passed to Avi Arrow, who will place them out.

To Tosha Tyan, his partner in Second Life, and to his family and friends in the physical world I offer my condolences at this time.  Lumiere’s presence and influence will be sadly missed right across Second life by all who knew him, or came into contact with him.

Lumiere's legacy to all in Second Life: The Ivory Tower of Primitives
Lumiere’s legacy to all in Second Life: The Ivory Tower of Primitives

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  1. This is a beautiful testament to his life and work. Thank you from his family… We appreciate the outpouring of love, support and memories from his friends and especially from Tosha. She meant more than the world to him in real life, too.


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