Impressions: a personal view of Second Life

Impressions; Inara Pey, August 2015, on FlickrImpressions, LEA 6 – (Flickr) – click any image for full size

When Secret Rage approached me in mid-July and asked me to consider producing a full region installation in which to display my images from around Second Life, my first reaction was to refuse. Not out of stuffiness or false modesty, but because I genuinely don’t regard myself as an SL photographer, and am far from convinced the images I produce for blogging purposes are of interest as an exhibit.

However, Secret is a very persistent (and persuasive!) person; so I’m now pleased – and more than a little nervous – to say that my first ever art-focused installation in Second Life is now open, and I’m calling it Impressions. It can be found at LEA 6.

Impressions; Inara Pey, August 2015, on FlickrImpressions, LEA 6 – (Flickr)

So what is this all about? Well, three things, all summed up in the word “Impressions”.

  • The first is a display of my more recent images and videos of places I’ve visited around Second Life – the impressions they’ve given me, if you will.
  • The second is the 2D and (particularly) 3D work of a talented Italian student, CioTToLiNa Xue – work that made quiet an impression on me when I happened across it.
  • The third is the setting itself, an interpretation of and iconic American house of the 20th century, which has long made an impression upon me.

Impressions; Inara Pey, August 2015, on FlickrImpressions, LEA 6 August 2015 (Flickr)

I’m particularly pleased about the second of these bullet points. CioTToLiNa is an extremely modest woman who only started teaching herself 2D and 3D design six months ago, and I think what she is already producing speaks volumes about her developing talent. I came across her sculptures by chance whilst visiting Art on Roofs in July, and was really delighted when she agreed to display her work as a part of Impressions: they add a further depth to the house, the original of which features a range of sculptures and art pieces scattered around the buildings.

The house is a personal interpretation of a place I have yet to visit in the physical world, but have grown to love. I have attempted to be reasonably accurate in my interpretation ot the house and river over which it sits, but the rest of the region is purely made from my imagination, and offers places to sit in the sun or under moon, listing to the music, have a picnic, laze in a hammock, and so on.

Information givers at the landing point and in the great room of the house provide information on the art and images on display. So, I hope you’ll visit and enjoy! Impressions will be open through until the end of September – you’ll probably find me pottering around tweaking things here and there!

Impressions; Inara Pey, August 2015, on FlickrImpressions, LEA 6 August 2015 (Flickr)

There is no preferred windlight for the region – the sounds and lighting are designed to change with the SL day. However, if you wish to use a windlight yourself, I recommend the following for daytime lighting:

  • [NB]-MistyDay-5pm – set the Sun to around 11:00am-3:00 pm.
  • [TOR] MIDDAY – Baskaholic.

In closing, I would like to extend sincere and warm thanks to the following people, without their support, this installation would never have seen the light of day: Secret Rage, CioTToLiNa Xue, Jodi Serenity, Whirly Fizzle, Frankx LeFarve, and John.

With a very special and deep thank you to Cube Republic, whose generosity and support has been truly inspiring.

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