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The Trace Too auction; Trinity Yazimoto, August 2015, on FlickrThe Trace Too auction poster, Trinity Yazimoto, On Flickr

Update, August 6th: As reported by Ziki Questi, Kylie has made a return to Second Life, dispelling the major concerns about her welfare. “I am alive and well for the time being, and my intention is to keep The Trace going,” she told Ziki, before going on to express her thanks to all those who stepped forward in her absence to support The Trace Too. She also said the current auction to benefit ACS will continue. See Ziki’s post for more.

Now open, and running through until Monday, August 10th at The Trace Too, is a special art auction in honour of Kylie Jaxxon, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society via RFL of SL.

Kylie has been known to many as a friend, blogger, photographer and owner of two of the most beautiful regions in Second Life: The Trace (see my article from April 2014) and, more recently, The Trace Too (see my article from March 2015).

In 2014, Kylie was diagnosed with leukaemia, forcing her to withdraw for a time from Second Life and focus on her health and treatment. The Trace Too came about as a result of her positive response to that treatment, and her return to activities Second Life.

Iamages by Gidgette Adaggio, part of the auction to honour Kyliee Jaxxon at The Trace Too - proceeds to RFL of SL / ACS
Images by Gidgette Adaggio, part of the auction to honour Kylie Jaxxon at The Trace Too – proceeds to RFL of SL / ACS

More recently, however, Kylie sparked concerns as to her well-being among close friends when she suddenly departed Second Life, with the closure of her account and her blog. As a result, a group of friends,  led by Hippie Bowman, Lenni Foxtrot and Trinity Yazimoto, stepped forward to organise a special art auction, the focus of which is explained in a note posted to Trinity’s Flickr stream:

In honour of Kylie and her gorgeous work that has touched the Second Life community, there is an art auction at her sim to celebrate her talent, and wish Kylie a fabulous and final farewell:

The auction was originally intended to raise funds to keep her beautiful sim, The Trace, open until the end of August. Due to people’s generosity this goal has already been achieved, what an amazing result!

With this in mind, all proceeds from the art auction will now go to Relay for Life in Kylie’s honour.

Image by Lizzy Avon, part of the auction to honour Kyliee Jaxxon at The Trace Too - proceeds to RFL of SL / ACS
Image by Lizz Avon, part of the auction to honour Kylie Jaxxon at The Trace Too – proceeds to RFL of SL / ACS

Artists from across Second Life have donated images of The Trace Too, including Chrysterox,  Hillara, Lumiette, Pinkrayne, ScarlettElizabet, SereneDean, Skinninylla, Gidgette Adaggio, Kaelyn Alecto, Lizz Avon, Bamboo Barnes, Terravive, Becca, Leonorah Beverly, Lo Coeur, Maxie Daviau, Seraphiel Galaxy, Coober Galicia, Pearl Grey, Eddie Haskell, Rosy Highwater, Sabastian Melmoth, Masquerade Snowbear and Tripp Nitely.

Each artist has contributed one or more pieces, which can be found alongside the locations where they were taken, Bids can be placed against pictures by clicking on them and stating the bid amount in local chat.

If you have enjoyed Kylie’s creativity in, and contributions to, Second Life through her work at The Trace and The Trace Too, and through her blog, please do hop over to The Trace Too for a final explore and consider bidding on the art items displayed there.

Thank you Trinity, Hippie and all involved in the work to keep The Trace Too open just that little longer, and in bringing this auction together. And a very special thank you to Kylie for sharing her talent, vision and creativity with us all, and her generosity in allowing us to enjoy her landscapes.

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