Fantasy Faire: save the Fairelands, save us all!

In all the realms of the Fairelands, none were more renowned than the Ten Champions of the Queen.

Each of them had a tale to tell and a unique set of skills and abilities to share, and to teach – for it is to the Champions that the Bard Queen entrusted the care and guidance of her only daughter, the Princess Flora.

For the Princess they were her teachers, her companions … and her friends.

But the Unweaver never sleeps. Through his wicked designs, the Princess is now lost beyond the Sea of Mists, a captive of the Winter King.

Thus opens the story of this year’s Fantasy Faire hunt: The Lost Land.

Among the many events that mark Fantasy Faire, the hunt is one of the most loved, and most eagerly awaited, immersing all those who participate fully in the wonder and joy of the Fairelands and Fantasy Faire. Not only will this year’s hunt continue the tradition, it promises to be something rather special.

Written by Saffia Widdershins,  featuring a specially designed region by Rynn Verwood, scripting by Encaitaron Korobose and produced and directed by Aisling Sinclair,  The Lost Land commences on April 23rd, and runs for the duration of the Faire – and you will not want to miss it.

Once the Fairelands have opened, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Hunt HUD and become a Hunter, helping the queen recover her lost child. Along the way, you will encounter mystery and magic, and discover things are not always as they seem. And, of course, there will be rewards for those who do not falter, generously donated by the merchants participating in the Faire.

The Princess has faded from memory – except for that of the Queen who keeps and cherishes one last lock of golden hair, bright and unfading.

But the Champions have become stricken by a strange indifference; any thought of their noble purpose has fled their minds. They await you, brave Hunter, to reinvigorate them and restore their will to serve.

And here, each day of the Faire, the Champions will reveal themselves to you, one by one.

Will you be the one to recover the princess, and in doing so, save the Fairelands – and save us all? The adventure begins on April 23rd.

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