Fantasy Faire: ease the waiting

There is now a little over two weeks to go before the largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life opens its gates once more, for ten days of commerce, special events, live music concerts and more, all to help raise funds for Relay for Life of Second Life.

Thursday, April 23rd 2015 and will run through until Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 inclusive, the Faire will welcome everyone with a love of fantasy the creators the performers, the designers, the enthusiasts and curious. Across ten themed regions, there will be much to explore, to see and do – but it is still some two weeks away before we can all do so.

So how can the time be made to pass a little easier as the anticipation mounts? The Faire’s organisers have offered a 5-point plan to Faire Happiness:

1. Follow the Fantasy Faire blog

As much as bloggers across the community try to keep pace with news and updates, the best place to get the latest information really is from the Faire’s own blog pages. So if you’ve not bookmarked it or are not following it for updates – now is a good time to start: there’s going to be lots of news and information flowing through it in the coming weeks.

2. Follow Fantasy Faire on Social Media

Fantasy Faire has its own Facebook page –  and the organisers would love to get at least 500 likes on the page before the Faire opens, and you can keep up with news by checking on it.

Don’t forget as well that Fantasy Faire is also active on Twitter, Plurk, Pinterest and Flickr!

3. Take the Why I Relay Challenges

contact Catalina Staheli and become a part of the Why I relay portrait challenge - and perhaps feature in a special exhibition at the Faire!
contact Catalina Staheli and become a part of the Why I relay portrait challenge – and perhaps feature in a special exhibition at the Faire!

We all have our reasons for Relaying, and the Faire already has a challenge open to bloggers  – whether they apply to be an official blogger or not – to write about why they Relay.

However, if you feel the words escaping, you, but still wish to express why you Relay in a picture, Fantasy Faire volunteer blogger Catalina Staheli is offering a challenge of her own. She’s offering anyone who contacts her in-world to arrange an appointment with them and then take their photo as they hold a card expressing their personal reason on why they Relay.  Catalina says of the idea:

This past month, Fashion 4 Life jumped in and all of the Miss SL candidates offered their most couture looks incorporated into the reasons why they relay. I’m going to issue a challenge! I wanna see Fantasy Faire blow them out of the water with amazing looks, outfits, and designs as you show why you relay for life. Let’s see what you can do to showcase just how amazing, imaginative, vivid, and colourful Second Life can be!

Those portraits taken so far can be seen on Catalina’s Flickr stream, and she’s offering the service free of charge, and all participants will receive full perm copies of the their own portraits to use howsoever they wish.

What’s more at least some of the pictures might very well make an appearance in the Fairelands themselves. A possible exhibition of portraits is being planned – but if you’d like your own image to be included, be sure to drop Catalina a line sooner rather than later; April 20th has been mentioned as the deadline for the pictures that want to make it into an exhibition.

4. Sign-up To Help with the Faire’s Literary Festival

Deep within the 2015 Fairelands will lie an enchanted glade, the home to a series of literary activities. Stage readings, workshops, story-telling sessions, discussions groups and more, all focused on the theme of fantasy will be found here. But, in order for it to be found, it needs bards and poets, speakers of words, tellers of tales and weavers of verbal magic.

There is an open invitation to all who enjoy spinning a yarn, telling a tale, reading a story, reciting poetry and more, to join in this literary event, a new feature for Fantasy Faire. If you would be interested in doing so, please complete this simple form, and the Storytellers of the Faire will be in contact with you.

5. Nominate Your Choice for the King, Queen and Chancellor  of the Faire!

When it comes to Fantasy, we all have our favorite characters. Some may be good – Gandalf or Harry Potter, Belle or Menolly.  Or maybe we love the dark side – Maleficent or Steerpike. Or maybe we enjoy the conflicted – Jaime Lannister or Mrs Coulter. Now is your chance to nominate those you most enjoy, good, bad, conflicted or others, to be the Faire’s King and Queen.

And there’s an election for Chancellor as well, for characters from fantasy who have no elements of human appearance. So nominate your choice today, be it Archimedes the Owl, or Ratty, or Pegasus or perhaps even Smaug himself. The choice is yours!

The winning human characters will be crowned King and Queen of the Faire during the fabulous Fantasy Faire Ball, which will take place on Friday, May 1st, between 17:00 – 19:00 SLT, and will also see the announcement of the Faire’s Chancellor!

Find out more and complete the nomination form on the Fantasy Faire blog.

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  1. Fantasy Faire is one of my favorite events. I’m not even RPing anymore, but it is so imaginative and beautiful. I can’t wait.


    1. I’ve never really been much of an RPer, but I love the Faire and the Fairelands. Like you, I’m eager for the gates to open!

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