A visit to a kitten’s garden

Petit Chat Gallery
Petit Chat Gallery

Petit Chat-Moumou’s Square is the home of Trinity Yazimoto’s store and art gallery, both are located within the grounds of a garden currently rich in the colours of autumn, and where visitors are invited to spend time relaxing.

Trinity’s store, Petit Chat, occupies an old mill partially surrounded by water features fed by the falls that tumble from the high cliffs that border the garden on three sides. The water actually divides the land into several distinct areas, all linked one to another by stone bridges. There is the store itself, with its own garden nestled behind it, complete with Romany caravan and lamp-lit lily pond, a bridge providing access to a cuddle area across the pond. In front of the store, and reached via another bridge, is a further garden area, complete with swings and a roundabout, rocking horses, and a pergola offering shade and a place to sit and enjoy a cake or two.

Petit Chat store
Petit Chat store

A further bridge offers a crossing to the rest of the garden, where stone steps lead up a grassy slope to where a cobblestone terrace, complete with fountain, can be found, offering further shaded seating for visitors. Beyond the terrace sits the ruins of an old tower, the curved steps of which lead the way to a artist’s workspace, while hidden behind its walls lies a picnic area.

But it is what lies under the tower and terrace that will be of interest to lovers of art and SL photography. Here, in a vaulted, crypt-like space, is Trinity’s art gallery, a ladder held within the curve of the old tower’s walls providing access – simply touch the ladder to climb down to it.

Petit Chat Gallery
Petit Chat Gallery

I first became familiar with Trinity’s work during the Terms of Service upset in late 2013, and then through seeing her work on the SL feeds and on Flickr, where her landscape work has always been incredibly eye-catching for me. Within the gallery, her landscape work is mixed with more personal pieces, all displayed in a manner that is well suited to lower lighting conditions that match the look and feel of the gallery space.

A nice touch with the items on display is that Trinity provides a note card with many of them (right-click on a piece, and select “Info” from the menu). This provides information on the inspiration for the picture and details of the location where it was shot – handy if you feel like paying it a visit.

Petit Chat gardens
Petit Chat gardens

Trinity openly admits she works extensively within Photoshop to produce her images; where her landscape work is concerned, some might say that the result doesn’t really represent the region in which it was taken.  I’d beg to differ with such views – as Trinity states in some of her note cards, these are her interpretations of the places she visits.

Besides, it’s not as if we don’t have tools within the viewer which can help us enhance / alter the look and feel of the regions we visit and photograph, whether it is simply by altering the windlight settings or using the likes of the SL Share filters or a tool set like Phototools or even doing it the hard way and digging through debug settings.

Petit Chat Gallery
Petit Chat Gallery

As such, whether or not Trinity uses Photoshop is incidental to the quality of her work; her landscapes are beautifully presented, and her still life work, often featuring herself as the model, is creativity composed and frequently conveys a strong message which draws the observer into it.

all told, Petit Chat-Moumou’s Square makes for a delightful visit, offering a charming garden in which to relax, excellent art to view and purchase, and an opportunity for the fashion hungry to do a little shopping. And for those who would like to combine art with fashion, check-out the top for of the shop 😉 .

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4 thoughts on “A visit to a kitten’s garden

  1. Oh my god Inara ! I am totally speechless ! Wow, i am so honored and pleased by your visit, first and second by your words and your superb photos. Thank you is probably a weak word compared to what i would like to express, but its a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart ! :))
    I d just like to add that the landscaping of the garden is the work of my talented friend Trixxie Nitely. The fairy of the land from several years now :).


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