SL project updates week 41/1: server, viewer, CDN

Sailing through Columbia River - blog post
Sailing through Columbia Riverblog post

Server Deployments

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest updates and news.

  • On Tuesday October 7th, the Main (SLS) channel was updated with the server maintenance package deployed to the three primary RC channels in week 40, which fixes a bug related to viewing parcel details in gaming regions
  • There are no planned deployments / restarts scheduled for the three primary RC channels of BlueSteel, Magum and LeTigre
  • On Wednesday October 8th, the Snack RC, which is currently being used with the CDN project, should receive the same server maintenance package deployed the Main (SLS) channel.

SL Viewer

On Monday October 6th, the new log-in screen viewer was promoted to the de facto release viewer, version This viewer offers a revised log-in / splash screen for both new and returning users, based on feedback gathered during A/B testing (release notes).

 CDN Update

There is still no list of all the regions now running on the Snack RC and using the CDN for mesh and texture data retrieval, although Bay City – Sconset is one to add to any unofficial lists out there. It also appears that a number of Blake Sea regions may have been added to Snack, and are being blamed for region crossing issues.

The CDN service itself shouldn’t result in any worsening of region crossing issues, but Simon indicated that in moving regions onto the Snack Rc, the Lab, “inadvertently overloaded the servers on the Snack channel…. In this case, we picked a bunch of popular areas and put them all on the same machine, which was bad” (this overloading also might be related to BUG-7444 – note the comment from Maestro Linden).  “We did get some very good info on how things get overloaded, however,” Simon added. “…And possible future work to keep us busy.”

In the meantime, it is still not clear when a wider deployment of CDN support might take place. However, there do not appear to be any major blockers to a possible wider deployment to one (or more) of the primary RCs. It will be interesting to see if anything is announced for week 42 (week commencing Monday October 13th).

9 thoughts on “SL project updates week 41/1: server, viewer, CDN

  1. I do hope they will fix asap the problems on the blake sea, it will be a shame that we would be able to see all rezzing faster but not be able to sail or cross sims.I know that a few racing events had to be canceled due to terrible corssing sims but i did the topless cruise on monday and passed by crows nest and regions around ti without any issues and as me a lot of other boats.


    1. I actually encountered issues with region crossings ahead of any move of regions to Snack – notably around Blake Sea Half Hitch. The crossing between that and Barbarossa has always been a little rough due to the different simulator versions, but issue were particularly bad when trying to overfly Half Hitch from any direction (almost a 100% failure rate & loss of aircraft to L&F & a relog required). Also enocuntered issues along the passage down to Second Norway, again in advance of any move to Snack. So I’m not sure if there were other issues going on as well, although addmittedly, I’ve not been back to regions around Half Hitch in over a week to see if things have settled down. However, in terms of the issues related to the Snack move, Simon indicated that the Lab believe they have this under control, and it was purely an error on their part in how the move to servers / simulators running the Snack region was handled.


  2. For me it is impossible to see Second Norway completely rezzed and my viewer ist freezing after some minutes and I am crashing.
    In other regions I don#t have these issues which last now for days – so I am denying to enter Second Norway in future. It is a shame because it is a nice region I have seen and visited before and had NO issues.


  3. Just for information Second Norway regions are still in main channel version not in Snack, and I’m so sorry you get problem to go there Sannit Cortes, yes it’s nice regions. For my personal experiments and pleasant moments, I sailed with my loonetta yesterday (~9AM SLT) and share here my route and few results . I go through such lines directions : Norge to Cap Kirk, Cap Kirk to Blake Sea – Crows Nest, Blake Sea – Crows Nest to Blake Sea – Sirens Isle, Blake Sea – Sirens Isle to Blake Sea – Half Hitch to Blake Sea – Spyglass, Blake Sea – Spyglass to Blake Sea – Carribean then Blake Sea – Carribean to Cap Kirk and return to Norge. I didn’t have a crash and no lag on sim crossing at all (except this little lock of 1 or 2 seconds between but normally), i had my viewer set up on High for others in graphics and with a 256M of draw distance and alm with full shadows on. I thinks it’s really depends the number of peoples around and lot of others parameters. In other thinking, I hope the time result i got before all the elements rezzing over will stay in the same level lol (almost instantaneous to see things around me and ~30 seconds to get most without fetching anymore on Half Hitch or Spyglass for example with also 256M draw distance draw and without a cache of this regions before), for the same before it should take 2 to 4 minutes to get it and still loading few things 🙂


    1. Thanks, Fleur – I was planning wither a sailing or flying expedition later today to check things and gather some first-hand channel info. Sounds like we spend time sailing / flying in roughly the same areas :).

      “I thinks it’s really depends the number of peoples around and lot of others parameters.”

      Yup. Region crossings are dependent upon a lot of things happening, including the successful hand-off of your own avatar and the vehicle it is seated upon from region to region.


      1. thanks for the information . I hoped it may be this problem but well.
        There were no people around all the time, I changed a lot of settings and tried it several times. No chance.
        So there must be anpther problem.

        And I love to sail there ….sighs


  4. I do cross , i would dare to say without a single problem,hundreds of sims on a almost day basis.
    However i noticed (and to be honest, didn’t had the time to do a full sailing around blake sea this week) that there is some that never rezzes properly and those are , Trees!
    Yes trees that are so many on the new Norway as much as around most land on the blake sea, takes forever to rezz, the only exception being the new blake sea regions where i do think they used mesh trees.
    I can not understand why it is happening and i do hope Cdn will solve that.
    Till then if any knows how to derrender all trees, perhaps would be a good idea to try that.


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