The Secret (Store) sauce of promoting a brand (and SL)

I caught a Tweet earlier on Monday April 28th, which came from Strawberry Singh and was aimed at Ebbe Altberg. It concerned a promo video for a fairly well-known (if relatively new) brand in SL.


I try not to do outright product promotion in this blog (with, admittedly, a few exceptions where brands I’ve come to personally enjoy are concerned), but this video is so gobsmackingly good, I am going to include it here.

It’s for Maylee Oh’s Secret Store brand, and is produced by Maylee herself. Not only does it show enormous talent and shines with a professional finish worthy of a TV ad (just count the beat and watch the moves), it showcases the amazing talent that is available in SL which could so easily be harnessed to work with the Lab to produce some really first-rate material for helping to promote SL to a wider audience.

So, how about it Ebbe? How about putting the feelers out to the talent within SL that uses the platform daily, and seeing how that talent can help you promote the platform that so captivates us? After all, your customers are your best ambassdors!

6 thoughts on “The Secret (Store) sauce of promoting a brand (and SL)

  1. You know, I’m still surprised at how the Lab’s marketing team still insists on recipes that do nothing to promote what SL is to its users and instead justify all the negative stereotypes that were developed during SL’s first steps. Another issue I’ve seen is that the Lab’s marketing team insists on letting others (i.e. the media and the idiots of 4chan) define what its own product is. Maylee’s video is just plain fantastic, and the Lab really should take note. This is the kind of stuff that should be used to promote SL, and not facepalm-inducing campaigns like the one with the bikini babes (which reduces SL to the one-dimensional status of meat markets like IMVU) or the “become your avatar” affair, which has failed to generate any kind of interest every time it was used.


    1. … Which is pretty much a given, whether there is collaboration with those using the platform or not.


  2. I have always thought that Pooky Amsterdam’s “A Year In The Life” video was a superbly done marketing piece for SL. It’s my understanding that the Lab paid for it…it’s a mystery why they didn’t do more with it.


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