Fantasy Faire: come gather and tell your tales – or join in with others!

Towards the end of Fantasy Faire 2013, a story competition was held, inviting people to weave a tale of their own focused on one – or all – of the Faireland regions, with the winners appearing in a special edition of Prim Perfect magazine.

This year will see another short story contest  – with the addition of a poetry competition as well. Full details have yet to be announced, but if you feel inspired to weave a tale or compose a verse (or more) on this year’s Fairelands, then your words might well be immortalised by the balladeers and storytellers from the Kingdom of Prim Perfect magazine!

Lumenaria, Fantasy Faire 20134 by Inara PeyLast year, the Faireland regions were used as the inspiration  / settings for a short story competition run is association with Prim Perfect magazine – will this year’s region inspire you to write a story or verse – and perhaps see your work appear in a future edition of Prim Perfect magazine?

Machinima Opportunities

At Fantasy Faire 2013, Draxtor Despres produced some special preview videos of the regions, including this one of Mayah Parx’ Ravenshard.

This year, there will be special advanced access granted to the Faireland regions for five machinima artists, allowing them to film in peace ahead of the Faire opening. Details on how to be involved in this unique opportunity will be announced soon.


But if story writing and verse or machinima are not your forte? Then how about joining-in with the tales started by others? As noted in my last update, this year there will be three role-play groups located in the Faireland regions, and each one is inviting visitors to join-in with their various tales and goings-on.

The Revenge of Professor Timmons

A renegade aristocrat and an evil scientist with revenge on their minds are using illicit Strand-world technology to create a murderous clockwerk automaton.  After damaging the power-center of the NeoLondon Cathedral, they decamp to Planet Asperatus and the NeoVictorians follow to bring them to justice! Beginning on 1 May in NeoVictoria SIM, they will be bringing the story to the Fairelands on Monday, 5 May when their intrepid band of roleplayers land in the sky-city of the Fairelands: Asperatus!

Presented by the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group.

Trade Wind Pirates

A group of desperate pirates have found themselves stranded in Blackwater Glenn, desperately seeking funds to repair their ship. What lengths will they go to accomplish their goal? You’ll certainly find a warm welcome in their impromptu tavern – but will you also find your pocket lightened?

The Rickety Weasels

In Wiggenstead Mooring, between the lagoon and the tavern, live a group of feral kids who call themselves “The Rickety Weasels”. They ferociously protect the four Guardians of the Elemental Stones, which keep the balance of the Fairelands.

(Don’t forget as well, that the Sanctuary RP Community are this year sponsoring the Fairelands Junction region, and Safe Waters Foundation are an event sponsor.)

And There’s More …

As well as the story and poetry competition and the role-play opportunities, this year’s Fantasy Faire will see a number of other special activities, including:

  • A special ballet production: in advance of the opening of the Faire, a special ballet will be staged and recorded. You’ll be able to see this on Fantasy Faire blog and elsewhere in the days leading up to the Faire.
  • A photography competition: the Faire organisers are looking for the photographs that best capture the spirit of each of the eleven regions of the Fairelands, which will be included in a RL calendar (with credits for the photographers) to be sold to raise money for Relay for Life. But … eleven sims … eleven months. What of the twelfth? That one will be the photograph that – in the opinions of the judges – best encapsulates the spirit of the Faire. Not only will it be the image for the twelfth month – it will also appear on the cover of the calendar.

Details of all these activities can be found in the Fantasy Faire blog.

Keeping up with Fantasy Faire

You can keep-up with Fantasy Faire preparations and activities a number of ways:

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