Fantasy Faire: of sims, stores and role-play

We’re just a little over week away from the start of Fantasy Faire 2014. The regions have been delivered, the themes set, and building underway.

This year will see a total of eight themed regions for the Faire, all designed by some of the leading creative minds in Second Life, together with the Fairelands Junction. In addition, and following the unfortunate withdrawal from the Faire by Nya Alchemi (for reasons of health – so very best wishes to Nya), her planned region of Wiggenstead Mooring is being transformed, and its new purpose will not be unveiled until the start of the Faire.As usual, all of the Fairelands regions will be located alongside The American Cancer Society’s home region. So, without further ado, here’s a quick run-down of the regions (more to follow in ym preview of this year’s Faire!):

Asperatus by Beq Janus: “above the rolling, turbulence of the thick cloud plains the silence is broken by the deep throbbing hum of engines. The mighty “Asperatus” fills the sky, once the preserve of super rich merchants, this mighty airship is now the mainstay of the small colony that drifts around it. Come walk amongst the clouds, explore unlikely airships and marvel at mankind’s ever ingenious (and frequently implausible) devices in this steampunk inspired city in the sky.”

  • Sponsored by: NeoVictoria (Asil Ares)
  • Featured stores: [ContraptioN] (Faust Steamer); The Forge (Deccan Arida); .:Snoodles:.& Gypsy Wolf (Nikita Schapire & Yap Snoodle); BlueMoon Enterprise (SolasNaGealai); *BOOM* Clothing Co. (Aranel Ah); Unzipped (Destany Laval).
  • Themed stores: anc Ltd. (aki69 Resident); AZE Jewelry Designs (Amilia Zabaleta); Unrepentant (Jalynne Ohmai); Steaming Ahead (Brogancael); * GOTHIC’S MUSING * (Gothicmuse Resident) ; Grim Bros. (Cutea Benelli) ; Arx Loricatus (Dogma Trevellion); Sweet Lies Designs (hadarah Steamer); lassitude & ennui (Jackal Ennui).

Blackwater Glenn by Marcus Inkpen/ Sharni Azalee: “rotting buildings sink into the swampy undergrowth as Nature reclaims this ground from Man. Gorgeous flowers and mysterious plants emerge sporadically throughout the swamp and pathways of open water lead to the centerpiece, a giant blossoming tree. Dark and murky, Blackwater Glenn has not been completely abandoned. In it you will find the light of hope. Let it lead you to rebirth.”

Marcus Inkpen/ Sharni Azalee's Lotus Valley Dream, Fantasy Faire 2013
Marcus Inkpen/ Sharni Azalee’s Lotus Valley Dream, Fantasy Faire 2013
  • Sponsored by: The Looking Glass (Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee).
  • Featured Stores: F*cking Ninjas – Mad Girl Ninjas’ Designs (Doll Galthie); meadowWorks (Garvie Garzo); Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing); ~SWAN~ (Cyneswith Luik); Eldritch (Kiera Ashdene); Dark Goddess Designs (Alesandra Markova).
  • Themed stores: De La Soul (Lerochelle Destiny); Wilds of Organica (Aki Shichiroji); Pin Me Down (Shyntae Demonista); Ari’s Neko Retreat (Arianna Voltaire); Luas (AinaraLuas); *paper moon* (sohma Dix); :[Even~Tide]: (Eve Gaelyth); Old World (Katrina Kristan); alpha.tribe (Alpha Auer).

The Faery Court by Elicio Ember: “the Cycle of Life. Season follows season as Light chases Dark. Seelie and Unseelie perform their eternal dance in the form of a giant tree composed of two intertwining trunks, one green and flowering and the other dark and leafless. Visit the Court and proclaim your allegiance.”

  • Sponsored by: Cerridwen’s Cauldron (Elicio Ember).
  • Featured stores: Epic (Jade Winthorpe); Boudoir (Precious Restless); Mermaid Treasure & Boutique (Theta Marseille); ThatChick (Anastasia Domenici); ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ (Elbereth Nightfire); Spyralle (Kerryth Tarantal).
  • Themed stores: Bliensen + MaiTai (Plurabelle Laszlo); . : yo bailo : . (yuuki solo); **Tir Na Nog** (Siarl Shan); Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Tayren Theas); Kittycat’s Creations (Kittycat Ninetails); *~Dream Things~* (Pia Uladstron); [ni.Ju] (Vitani Jun); BluPrintz (Mirajai Maven); [][]Trap[][] (Selos Dae); [Gauze] (Yukio Ida).
Elicio Ember's Titan's Hollow, Fantasy Faire 2013
Elicio Ember’s Titan’s Hollow, Fantasy Faire 2013

Heavenslough by Alrunia Ahn/ Eldowyn Inshan/ Sweetgwendoline Bailey: “not made of human hands, Heavenslough is a landscape sculpted for adventure and dreams alike. The forest is a playground for sprites and secretive fairy folks, while rising high above are the plateaus that stretch like rocky isles in to the heaven. Ancient stilt houses dot the marshlands and other abodes can also be seen perched in the leafy boughs of the titanic trees. Watch your steps and expect the unexpected.”

  • Sponsored by: Creators of Fantasy (Alrunia Ahn / Eldowyn Inshan / Sweetgwendoline Bailey).
  • Featured stores: FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK (Luna Barak); The White Armory (Bee Dumpling); Pyewicket’s Myths (Pyewicket Tiger); Satyrs Moon (Vasa Vella); Analog Dog Hair (queue Marlowe) *Independent Objects* (Susan Independent).
  • Themed stores: Fae Fantasy Creations (Tamrielle Halderman); Sister Fate* Petites (Sifra Ceawlin); Affinity Boutique (Caroline Winslet); Mystique (Claira Jules); Star Journey (Starman Heron); Bare Rose (June Dion); Dreamscaped Designs (Dreamscaped Dagger); Whatz (Titania Halasy); Mindgardens Creations (Bonny Greenwood); Keystone (Aymee Monk).

Hope’s Horizon by Jaimy Hancroft: “inspired by Tolkien’s Minas Tirith, our White City gleams and shimmers on the horizon like a beacon leading wayfarers home. Carved out of the white rock of the mountains it clings to, Hope’s Horizon towers over the surrounding plains casting an aura of light into the darkness. Spiraling up lever upon level, the city ascends skyward crowned with a small courtyard. This majestic structure stands tall, upright, and full of power. One single blossoming tree stands at the top of it all to represent LIFE.”

  • Sponsored by: Dwarfins (Judy Chestnut, Jaimy Hancroft and Dante Spectre)
  • Featured stores:  .Luminary. (Augurer Resident); Dragon Magick Wares (Dragonia DeCuir); Sax Shepherd Designs (Sax Shepherd); Death Row Designs (Jaimy Hancroft); ND/MD (Alea Lamont & Moonlay Laval); ~*The Library*~ (Dreamfantasia Nightfire).
  • Themed stores: NAMINOKE (taiko McCaw); 22769 ~ casual couture / 22769 ~ [bauwerk] (Paco Pooley & Manuel Ormidale); .:CoLLisions:. (Guenevere DeCuir); . a i s l i n g . (Druunah Esharham & Damian Kleiner) Folly (Cane Sutter); Entity (Guestier Balut); Talevin’s Designs (Talevin Whelan); Kio-Kio (Kioko Kumaki).

Medhir Woods by Rynn Verwood: “a land where magic, nature and civilization meet. An elven outpost, protected by large waterfalls, in the middle of an enchanted autumn forest.”

  • Sponsored by: Solarium (Rynn Verwood and Encaitaron Korobase).
  • Featured stores: Curious Kitties (Ameshin Yossarian); Hoof It! (Erin Talamasca); Mythos (Karalia Halostar); Unique Obsession (Tremayne Barbosa & Lunaria Eclipse); The Arcanum (Zachh Barkley); Garden of Dreams (Kayle Matzerath).
  • Themed stores: Feyline Fashions (FeydaAnn Ferryhill); ~ Mystic Sky ~ (Skyler John): Niekra’s Dreams (Niekra Torvalar); Apsara (Mayaa Thistle); Almost Wonderland (Almostwonderland Resident); TempT (Lakira Ratelle); Kahli Designs (KahliDesigns Resident); MysMix (Mys Tigerpaw) ; Dysfunctional Designs (Kalia Firelyte); Unsung (Jaden Benavente).

Mourningvale Thicket by Searlait Nitschke: “black trees with gnarled roots, twisting vines that grab at unsuspecting visitors, thorns the size of a man’s fist. Dark is the heart of Mourningvale Thicket caught fast in an enchanted sleep that runs wild with Night mares. However light creeps into even the most cursed of corners. Roses bloom in the moonlight and the sound of gypsy music carries on the wind as flames from distant campfires dance against the night.”

  • Sponsored by: Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke).
  • Featured stores:  On A Lark / Sweet Poison (Discovering Destiny / bella Domela); StormWood (Annie Ibanez & Zelest Fall); Senzafine / Orc Inc (Synjari Myriam / Nicole Twigvald);  Mer-chandise Cove (Kol Tchailenov); Kismet (Cierra Anatine); The Muses / House of Rain / Beautiful Freak Cosmetics / Leto (Dolce Blackflag & Axi Kurmin).
  • Themed stores: MysticHope Design (Kira Lavendel); NaLa Fashion & Buildings (Nanook Lavendel); The Elegant Goth (Deja Letov); :{MV}: Arcadia (Lokii Violet); Vengeful Threads (Vixn Dagger); Kishi Creations (Kishi Kattun); Psst….Here Kitty, Kitty (Kitaria Valeeva); SAKIDE (Kinu Mayako); Heartistic (Heartdrainer Resident); [Tia] (Tia Biscuit).

 Sanctum by Alia Baroque: “between Heaven and Hell.”

Alia Baroque's Magnificat, Fantasy Faire 2013
Alia Baroque’s Magnificat, Fantasy Faire 2013
  • Sponsored by: Fallen Gods Inc. (Alia Baroque).
  • Featured stores: Illusions (Siyu Suen); House of RFyre (Raven Pennyfeather); MacMoragh and Muse (AineMari Flanagan & Fenn MacMoragh); TRIDENT (Laufey Markstein); Atelier Visconti (Stephanvisconti Resident); Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon).
  • Themed stores: Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles): ( Two Cats One Cup ) (Sei Minuet); Gwen’s Hearth (Gwynhwyfar Resident); Decadent Courtesan (vanyi Resident): Ankle Biter (Yuna Yuadl); Balderdash (Saiyge Lotus); Musa (Filomena Quinnell); forest feast (mikatsuki Matova); Fuubutsu Dou (Nya Alchemi); Primus Weapons (Thord Karu).

Fairelands Junction: The crossroads of the Faire, home of the silent auction and more. This year sponsored by the Sanctuary RP Community.

I have to admit that with Elicio, Markus and Sharni and Alia all once again creating some of the Faire’s regions, I am looking forward to getting a sneak peek. However, were I to pick one region which has really captured my curiosity this year, given my love of all things Tolkien, it would have to be Jaimy Hancroft’s Hope’s Horizon. But that said,  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the Fairelands in their full glory come the start of May!

Of Role-play and the Faire

Role-play will be a sizeable feature at this year’s faire, with a number of RP groups and communities “headquartered” across several of the regions. These include NeoVictoria (Asperatus), Rickety Weasels (Wiggenstead Mooring), the Pirates of the Trade Winds (Blackwater Glenn), all of whom will have ongoing adventures (and will be posting to the Fantasy Faire blog). In addition Sanctuary RP Community will be present at Fairelands Junction, and Safe Waters Foundation are sponsoring the event, all of which will further bring the Faire to life with characters, stories and more.

Keeping up with Fantasy Faire

You can keep-up with Fantasy Faire preparations and activities a number of ways:

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