Lab to seek feedback on Transaction History page changes

On Wednesday April 9th, I reported on an error with the Transaction History page on people’s SL dashboards which lead to some upset and confusion after the familiar page was replaced with one that failed to show totals, and which had the familiar .XLS and .XML download options replaced by a single .CSV option. The change lead to forum comments and a JIRA report (BUG-5664).

The page itself was reverted around an hour after concerns were first raised, and Ebbe Altberg stepped into the forum to offer apologies and an explanation:

In an attempt to improve we made a few mistakes and caused some misunderstandings as well. We rolled back the changes and will work on getting it right. The team is looking at feedback and will communicate a plan for how to get there.

On Thursday April 10th, the Lab issued a blog post on the matter, providing further information on the situation, including the fact that they will be seeking input from users on proposed changes to the Transaction History page.

The post reads in full:

Earlier this week, we rolled out a few changes to the Account Management web pages for logged-in users at, which were aimed at improving these tools for users. One of the changes we made updated the Transaction History page, and we heard lots of feedback that not all of the changes to that page improved our customers’ experiences or met their needs. So, we quickly reverted to the old Transaction History page.

We’d like to get some additional user feedback on the new Transaction History page so that when we make the changeover, the functionality best matches what Second Life users want and need. Once we are ready, we will post instructions on how to review the new page and provide feedback. We will not take down the old page until we have had a chance to review feedback and make appropriate changes to the new page. Check back on this blog for more details as they become available.

This is a positive step by the Lab, both in rectifying the error rapidly and in admitting their mistake. Hopefully, I’ll have a further follow-up once the additional information is published by the Lab.

2 thoughts on “Lab to seek feedback on Transaction History page changes

  1. I can remember a period of months when my bank at the time (U.S. Bank) wanted to roll out a new internet banking interface, but we had a choice to use the old one or the new one for a period of several months, before the new one was phased in full time. Even Google, MSN, and Yahoo (notorious in their own rights for doing whatever the hell they want and the users just have to accept it) did trial periods when they revamped their webmail interfaces.

    I really see this as a positive step, and something I haven’t seen in AGES from LL.. they did something they thought would be better, the community said “but where’s this, where’s that? I need that thing” and LL didn’t just hop, they jumped and pulled the changes back, and went into feedback seeking mode.


    1. Another good indication of proper handling and good management from the Lab. It’s these little changes that are giving me renewed hope for the future of Second Life. It feels like we have a new man in charge – and he might just be the right man šŸ™‚


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