Caprice : springtime delight

Caprice Village, April 2014Caprice Village, April 2014

Since I happened across Asa Vordun’s Caprice Village and Easy A last year, I’ve been keeping an eye out to see if things change there. Truth be told, I loved the whimsical feel to the former and the winter landscape of the latter during my last visit in November 2013. so when I heard through the grapevine that Asa had completely reworked her land, I just had to hop over and take a look.

Caprice Village, April 2014Caprice Village, April 2014

And what a change! The make-over is both extensive and stunning, making the Caprice Village parcel a must-see destination for SL photographers.

Such is the design of the new build that it is hard to decide where to begin in describing it. One part of the build resembles what might be the very edge of a rural district. In the middle of it sits a house bordered on one side by a road and bus stop, and on the other by a large paved terrace and what might be a car parking area.

Caprice Village, April 2014Caprice Village, April 2014

The land around the house is a little overgrown, and across the road sits an old tractor and a rather quaint well. Blankets hang on a washing line in the sun, while beyond them, the sea rounds a tall island and flows gently along a narrow channel, partially spanned by an old set of telegraph poles.

The paved terrace is home to a small bookshop, with wooden dock and rowing boat alongside it. A stone fountain splashes water nearby, and a small cafe area, apparently also served from the house, offers brightly painted wrought iron chairs and tables at which visitors can sit, the leafy spread of the trees by the house offering some shade during parts of the day.

Caprice Village, April 2014Caprice Village, April 2014

Follow the footpath to one side of the bookshop and you’ll come to a set of wooden steps leading up to a magnificent wood and stone pier, bordered on one side by a secluded beach area complete with a wooden broad walk crossing the water to a small islet where sits a little hideaway.

The pier has two large terraces, one complete with a lido, the other offering a place to sit and relax, another fountain playing on one side, and a water feature sitting just outside what is a beautiful dining area. I admit to falling in love with the latter on sitting it, especially with a suitable sunset windlight. Having spent a good deal of time in Sri Lanka, it reminded me of some of the fine dining experiences I’ve had out there, under wooden beams, the warm evening air unfettered by windows or wall, chatting with friends and fellow diners after a long day’s exploration.

Caprice Village, April 2014Caprice Village, April 2014

Those wishing to partake of the sea can do so just down from the pier, where a couple of beach houses sit, complete with steps down into the sea from a smaller pier, with steps also providing access to the beach. When exploring the latter and the little islet with its viewing platform, please do be aware that the housing sitting on wooden piles a little more inland appears to be that of another property rather than being part of Asa’s land.

As I said towards the top of this piece, words really don’t do Asa’s work justice. This is a wonderful, breath-taking build well worth taking the time to visit and explore. Should you do so, don’t forget to sign the guest book and, if your inclined, show your appreciation by way of the donations points.

Addendum: Asa dropped me a line to say the 5 parcels next to Caprice village and Haven are open to the public as well – I may well have to go back and snap some more!

Caprice Village, April 2014Caprice Village, April 2014

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