SL projects updates week 14/2: viewer, group chat

SL Server Deployments week 14 – recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread in the forums for the latest news and updates.

  • On Tuesday April 1st, the Main channel received the server maintenance package deployed to the Magnum RC in week 13.
  • On Wednesday April 2nd, all three RCs received the same maintenance update, which incorporates the bug fixes deployed to the Main channel and which also sees AIS v3 support returned on the Magnum RC alongside of BlueSteel and LeTigre.

SL Viewer

On Wednesday April 2nd, the Lab officially announced the SL Share 2 project viewer, which I’d managed to preview on Tuesday April 1st.

The Sunshine / AIS v3 RC returned to the viewer release channel on Wednesday April 2nd with the release of  version (download and release notes).

On Thursday April 3rd, the Lab also confirmed that Facebook had lifted to block on uploading snapshot to Facebook accounts following updates made by the Lab to both the viewer (available in all RC versions of the viewer) and the back-end intermediary sitting between SL and Facebook.

Group Chat

“I think we’re pretty close to a deploy and test on the main grid,” Simon Linden said during the Server Beta meeting on Thursday April 3rd, in reference to his work trying to improve group chat. He then added wryly, “but I thought that last week too.” Not that any non-deployment of the code to Agni for controlled testing should be taken as a bad sign. Rather the reverse, as Simon went on to say, “The test last week was really good … it helped point out some existing bugs in the system which I think I fixed this week.”

A further test was carried out on Aditi during the meeting yielding further logs to be checked, the outcome of which we’ll doubtless get to hear about in week 15.

Aditi Log-in Issue / Inventory Update Issue

When changing passwords to sync inventory between the main (Agni) and beta (Aditi) grids, the general recommendation is to change your password and, while you can immediately use it to log-into the main grid, wait around 24 hours in order for your password and inventory on Aditi to synchronise (or you can continue to use your old password to log-in to Aditi, and use the “unsynchronized” version of your inventory).

This is because a script is run once a day during a period of relatively low platform use (said to be between midnight and 02:00 SLT) which carries-out the synchronizing of passwords and inventory. However, a bug was recently filed (BUG-5563) indicating that passwords and inventory weren’t updating on Aditi even after 24-hours or more.

Commenting on the issue on March 31st, Maestro Linden said, “There seems to be something wrong with the nightly script that is supposed to keep the beta grid synchronized with the main grid.” When the issue was raised at the Server Beta meeting, Simon Linden indicated that Maestro may well have fixed the problem.