Seeking secret Sauce of love


On Thursday April 3rd, Maya Paris returned to the LEA with what is in some ways the follow-up to her popular Celebrity Blow Your Own Tits Off, only this time she’s inviting people to discover the secret sauce of relationships … via spark plugs, fish and chips and a touch of sauce science which, visitors are assured, contains no dangerous or explosive chemicals.


Sauce, which forms a part of the LEA AIR round 6 entries, is designed to be enjoyed by people exploring it in pairs or as couples. As with Celebrity Blow Your Own Tits off, this is an interactive piece, with giveaways (including your very own spark plug avatar!), rides and more, which invites you to click, click, click as you explore. In difference to the earlier game, however, there is no overall aim or goal to the piece, rather the aim is to have fun in a British seaside saucy humour kind-of way, as Maya explains:

Slap on your wig and flash those knobbly knees because this time it’s personal.

Test your Sauce Factor, try your luck at the Modern Love Bureau, get sparky in the Saucy Science lab and take a headlong dive into a sea of plenty more fish&chips.

(Bring your own hair or teeth…and a friend)

Sauce: "Oh yes you did!"
Sauce: “Oh yes you did!”

Maya kindly granted me the opportunity to partner-up with Honour McMillan ahead of the opening and try-out the installation. All I can say is – it’s fun. And I’m not entirely sure we discovered everything. Indeed, to say too much about this piece would be to spoil the fun; you need to explore it for yourself and the good of your own teeth / hair / relationship with a friend…

Transportation around the installation is via public telephone box. If journeying with a friend, you should each select the same one to get the most out of your trip. There are a number of boxes available at the start, depending on your hair / teeth status, and it’s up to you which category you choose. Do keep an eye out for the number 1, however. You’ll need that to find your way back … or out. And while the sauce my not be explosive, at least one lot of chips is, when fired from a fish…


As well as being a lot of fun, the piece seems to include some very English cultural references – the seaside humour and sauce, the fish and chips being two. There also seems to be an oblique reference or two to the 1960s TV series The Prisoner, with large penny farthing wheels emblazoned with a “9” that so easily might be an inverted “6”, and the appearance of translucent spheres prone to hunting you at one point. There’s even a hint of Brief Encounter with the trains…

However, I’m not saying a word about how the fireworks at the end might be interpreted! Instead, I’ll just say, go and enjoy. And take a friend.

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