Lab formally announces SL Share 2 project viewer

secondlifeOn Tuesday April 1st, I previewed the new SL Share 2 project viewer, which has options to share messages and photos with your Twitter account, and upload photos to your Flickr account. The viewer also includes updated photo capabilities for Facebook sharing (as well as a new Facebook Friends tab).

On Wednesday April 2nd, the Lab officially announced the launch of the project viewer with a blog post which reads in part:

This SLShare update will allow you to share your Second Life experiences beyond Facebook. Twitter and Flickr sharing is just as quick and easy, complete with specific options relevant to each social network.

For Flickr, you will be able to name and add a description to your image. We have tagging capabilities so you can ensure other users can find the images you want to share. Maturity settings are a requirement for Flickr, so we’ve made it easy for you to set this right from the Viewer.

As noted in my preview, the viewer includes new photo processing capabilities, which the blog post describes thus:

This update will also introduce a set of post-processing filters that you can run your pictures through to create cool one-of-a-kind images! The new filters were inspired by the images posted to Flickr by Second Life Residents. With more than a million uploads, most of them enhanced by some post-processing, we thought it would be great to include this feature right in SLShare. These filters will work regardless of which social network you choose to share your Second Life pictures to.

But it doesn’t stop there. For those more technically savvy, we designed this feature to be modifiable by our users. If you’d like to create your own filters, check out the wiki page on this for more information.

The Twitter floater and preview pane, showing one of the preset photo filters applied - users can also customise the filters
The Twitter floater and preview pane, showing one of the preset photo filters applied – users can also create their own filters for inclusion in the floaters (Twitter, Facebook and Flickr)

As noted in my preview, the project viewer can be obtained from the release notes page, which includes download links to the Windows, Mac and Linux versions (as does the viewer’s entry in the Alternate Viewers wiki page). or by following the link in the Lab’s own blog post.


5 thoughts on “Lab formally announces SL Share 2 project viewer

  1. The beauty of using Flick upload feature for me is that i can show ,where and how i see what i’m doing when on SL.
    Is the filter option really needed? will by any chance some who uses post process, do that work on the viewer instead of using a specif photo editor? Why instead of this, to not add the quick tools button feature?
    Still im really happy for this features finally reaching LL official viewer even if i do think it will be much easy if they just look at Ukando and make it the official one! Still so many needed ones missing!


    1. “Is the filter option really needed?”

      Time will tell. For quick effects, it’s likely to be useful. And options are never a bad thing. The real question is whether the filter options will be extended to the profile feed upload option in the snapshot floater.


  2. i really wish they can make the rating filters some reality on sl feed, i dont use as much as i should due to the risk of posting more then pg pictures! a mature rating system on sl feed could make it more useful (even if i don’t know if LL bother with the content displayed on the sl feed as i see some pics for sure not pg.


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