Fitted Mesh formally released

secondlifeLinden Lab have announced the formal release of Fitted Mesh. The announcement came as the former Fitted Mesh release candidate viewer was promoted to the de facto release viewer on Monday February 10th.

The blog post making the announcement reads:

Today, we’re happy to announce that Fitted Mesh is available in the main Second Life Viewer! As we’ve previously blogged, Fitted Mesh gives Second Life content creators the power to craft mesh garments that make avatars look their absolute best. We’d like to thank the vibrant community of creators for their thoughtful feedback and help testing this feature.

For more information, check out the video below, then update your Viewer to the latest release and get creative with Fitted Mesh!

A video narrated by Torley is included with the post.

For those unfamiliar with Fitted Mesh, it is a technique adopted by the Lab to help make worn mesh garments fit avatars more correctly. I was fortunate enough to be allowed a preview look at the technique when it was first announced, and you can read my report in this blog.

The code, which is not the same as the mesh deformer (again, see my preview post), is also starting to appear in TPVs as well, with several already having adopted it into release or pre-release versions. Those that have not (as yet) release versions of their viewers incorporating the code can be expected to do so over the coming weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Fitted Mesh formally released

  1. It’s going to need more work to make a mesh garment that fits well, so I don’t think anyone need worry that their favourite TPV doesn’t have it yet. Hopefully the transition will be pretty quick.


    1. Almost all the mesh clothes and shoes in the market come from full perm templates made by RedPloly and Meli Imako, so are mostly those two who are going to need more work. At leasy RedPoly (dunno Meli Imako, but it is likely) is already experienced, since is RedPoly who created the technique with “LiquidMesh”. So it is likely they come on the shops very soon. Almost al the main TPV are FM ready, but Firestorm. Since Firestorm is still so widely used, but also so slow in updating, I wonder how much it will slow down the introducion of Fitted Mesh. After an half year that Materials are out, Firestorm can show them only in a beta release: this doesn’t make me very optimistic. I can’t wear Fitted Mesh, if more than an half of the grid sees me in a weird way. I hope that Firestorm will get Fitted Mesh soon. I’m starting to use other viewers in the meantime.


  2. I have to agree with Juno and remember how many still keep using the old invisible prims, meaning or they don’t have ALM enabled (some that is required to see materials) or just don’t care!
    Gladly Fitted mesh does not require Alm enabled and that a new version of firestorm will be released soon enough with it already (As i doubt the official LL release didnt come already with the fix for the bridge!), besides the need to wonder who many are keep using firestorm as their main Sl viewer (I would like to see numbers for the last months regardind viewers usage, if possible!)
    But as I keep seeing, every day, at least around 50 pct of users, still using invisible prims and fitted mesh is some that merchants and creators are dreaming for,,l i cant stop asking myself why those same creators never bother to offer their customers, alpha layers versions of their old heels or boots and im not speaking of the old freebie ones, im speaking of well known brands with thousands of users, that cost hundreds or even thousands of L!


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