SL projects update week 7/1: server / viewer

News is a little light at the moment., although there are a number of things in the works and yet to be opened to public viewing.

Server Deployments: week 7

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread in the forums for the latest updates / changes.

  • On Tuesday February 11th, the Main channel received the server maintenance package previously on the three RC channels which includes a crash fix.
  • There will be no RC channel deployments, and it is not anticipated that the RC regions will not be subject to a rolling restart.

This means there will be no Main channel deployment in week 8 (week commencing Monday February 17th. However, there should be a new server maintenance package deployed that week.

SL Viewer Updates

Fitted Mesh

The Fitted Mesh RC version: was promoted to the de facto release viewer on Monday February 10th, complete with a video from Torley Linden.

See my coverage here, and my Fitted Mesh preview article (now slightly dated).

As a result of this, the remaining RC viewers will be updated in due course to match the current release build.

Group Ban Lists

The work on group ban list functionality is going through a further round of internal testing at LL. It is still anticipated that a project viewer will be emerging for testing on Aditi (the Beta grid) in the very near future.

One Billion Rising in Second Life 2014 official press release


Contact: Saffia Widdershins
E-mail address:


One Billion Rising for Justice in Second Life ill be held this Friday – ALL DAY FRIDAY 14th FEBRUARY

On February 14, 2013, for 24 hours starting at midnight Pacific Standard Time, Second Life residents will join with activists around the world in a spectacular 24-hour event for ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE, a very special day of action in the history of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.

The Second Life event will feature a four-region stage where 200 people can dance together, surrounded by an area of art installations, poetry events and informational exhibits. A variety of performers will play and perform over the 24-hour period, enabling people all over the world to attend this virtual event no matter their timezone. The regions will have a General maturity rating to allow all residents an opportunity to participate. Pictures are welcome on the event’s Flickr group.

ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On February 14, 2014, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Rise, Dance, and Release as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change.

The objective of the event is to raise awareness, not to raise funds; however, information about real-world organisations will be available for those wishing to donate.

A stunning view of the main OBR in SL event stage in 2013 (courtesy of Wildstar Beaumont)
A stunning view of the main OBR in SL event stage in 2013 (courtesy of Wildstar Beaumont)

One Billion Rising in Second Life is sponsored by: Cheeky Pea; The Domineaux Effect; Dutchie; Gos Boutique; Heart Garden Centre; Maven Homes; MESHWORX; Prime; and Spargel and Shine. In-kind sponsors are: CaLLie CLine; Fruit Islands; KittyCatS!; Liv-Glam; Style by Kira; Sway’s;and Prim Perfect Publications.

The four regions have been named for the four core elements chosen as the focus of this years global event, One Billion Rising: OBR Rise, OBR Dance, OBR Release and OBR Justice.

Maya Paris was one of many SL artists who donated works to the OBR event in 2013
Maya Paris was one of many SL artists who donated works to the OBR event in 2013

Press and Bloggers

You are invited to our special press day on Thursday 13th February.

There will be three sessions where you can talk to organisers of the event together with involved in the activities. these will be held at 10:00, 14:00 and 16:00 SLT.  Between those times, you will be free to explore the regions and see the art installations.

If you would like to attend the press day, please ensure you complete this form.

About One Billion Rising

One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That is one billion women. In 2013, one billion women and men shook the earth through dance to end violence against women and girls. This year, on 14 february 2014 we are calling on women and men everywhere to harness their power and imagination to rise for justice. Imagine, one billion women releasing their stories, dancing and speaking out at the places where they need justice, where they need an end to violence against women and girls. Join us!

Rise. Release. Dance!

“ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is a call to survivors to break the silence and release the stories of both pain and hope – through art, dance, marches, ritual, song, spoken word, testimonies and whatever way best expresses their outrage, their need, their desire, and their joy.  The path to justice begins with acknowledging and recognizing the violence – letting it be known.” – Eve Ensler.

The 2013 OBR in SL official video

Further Information

CtrlAltStudio Oculus Rift alpha: nips and tucks

CAS-logoFollowing-on from his work to add the ability to let users wearing the Oculus Rift headset to turn their avatar with a turn of their head when seated (see my update here), Dave Rowe (Strachan Ofarrell in SL) has added some more tweaks to the Alpha version of his viewer with the release of version

One of these updates is directly related to the Oculus Rift and another is for using stereoscopic glasses with the viewer. Both of these can be found under Preferences > Graphics > Display Output.

The two new additions to Preferences > Graphics > Display Output
The two new additions to Preferences > Graphics > Display Output

The first option, Set Output to 120Hz is the stereoscopic update. As the name implies, it sets  the display output to 120Hz, which is useful if you have shutter glasses and want to only display at 120Hz when you use the viewer.

The second option, Turn Speed, is a slider to control speed at which turning your head in Riftlook turns your avatar. Note that it will only work if Head Turns Avatar After is checked.

In addition to these updates, version addsvariable avatar walk / fly speed for SpaceNavigator proportional to pressure applied to knob (i.e., similar to SpaceNavigator flycam control), up to maximum of configured walk speed. Adjusted SpaceNavigator default values to suit. There’s also an update to the GPU table as well.

Details of the release can be found on the CtrlAltStudio blog.

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Black Dragon updates to

Blackdragon logoSunday February 9th saw the Black Dragon viewer updated to version Dramatically referred to as an “emergency” update, the new version is another interim release, with major changes on the horizon as the viewer moves ever closer to the 2.4 version number.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure quite what warrants this being called an “emergency” release. The quoted reasons for the update (HTTP and Fitted Mesh) haven’t exactly been hidden away by the Lab, but have been talked about openly for a while – and the code (while still being tweaked and banged on in the case of Fitted Mesh, admittedly),  has been available for poking-at. But anyaway, suffice it to say the new version is here, comprising a lot of nips and tucks, as listed in the change log with the release notes.

This isn’t intended as a full review, but more an overview of key changes.

The first of these is that the viewer is up-to-date with the Lab’s 3.7.0 code base, and so includes Fitted Mesh, which the Lab announced as officially released on February 10th.

Niran is a keen gamer, and as such put considerable work into his first viewer in adding options and controls other gamers would find familiar, such as offering more shooter game style camera placement, etc.

With this release of black Dragon, he’s put effort into enhancing the ability to map the viewer’s options and functions into game controllers – most notably the Xbox 360 controller. In carrying out this work, he notes:

  • Works with up to 16 buttons (for other controllers or joysticks)
  • Adds the ability to map zoom in/out/default, roll left/right, jump, crouch, toggle flycam, toggle run, toggle fly and Mouselook to available buttons
  • Certain mappings only work in either Avatar / Flycam or Build mode.

A video has been produced showing avatar movement using a game controller.

In another move to provide a game-like feel, Niran has duplicated the click-and-hold left mouse button and then use the mouse to rotate the camera / move your avatar to the right mouse button, as demonstrated in another video, which demonstrates the capability in conjunction with using the movement keys.

As noted, this is a duplication of the original left mouse button click / hold functionality, which can still be used by those who are already used to it.

Alongside of both of these, although not directly related to it, he has also added the option to disallow using Mouse-wheel to change values in spinners. Prevents some nasty problems with hover tips accidentally getting set to infinite.

In lin with recent LL RC and release viewers, this Release of Black Dragon includes a good number of MAINT, STORM and OPEN fixes and contributions  including STORM-1980, the updated region restart message and STORM-1981, the updates to avatar tracking beacons. All of these updates, together with Niran’s own fixes, additions, changes and tweaks can be found in the release change log noted above.

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