SL projects updates 5/1: server releases & fitted mesh

Server Deployments Week 5

Main (SLS) Channel

On Tuesday January 28th, the Main channel received the server maintenance project previously on the three RC channels, which contains a single fix for a crash mode.

RC Channels

On Wednesday January 29th, all three RC channels should receive a new server maintenance project, which includes a crash mode fix and a fix for llModifyLand() modifying the wrong location in region, when called in a child prim.

Speaking at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday January 23rd, Maestro Linden described the llModifyLand() fix thus:

For example, if a child prim is offset by <8,4,0> from the root prim, then calling that function in the child prim will try to modify the terrain at <8,4,0>  of the region,  which may or may not work depending on who owns the parcel.

The fix is to make it modify the land underneath the child prim (which of course follows the same permissions rules – you can only modify land owned by the script owner.

SL Viewer Updates

The Fitted Mesh RC was updated on Monday January 27th with the release of version  This includes a number of additional fixes, include those for FITMESH-20 and FITMESH-6, which can be summarised as:

  • FITMESH-20: certain non-rigged mesh invisible with ALM disabled
  • FITMESH-6: worn mesh which is not rigged to the collision bones is seen to stretch away towards the 0,0,0 point of the region the avatar is standing in when using the Fitted Mesh

An interesting emerging issue with Fitted Mesh – which likely won’t delay its eventual promotion to release status – is that it prevents the Firestorm Bridge from attaching.

The Bridge is a is a scripted object which is used by the Firestorm viewer for a number of functions, notably: Move To Teleport, Flight Assist, Script Count, some radar functions, and Movelock. The problem here is that the Bridge uses a dedicated attachment point (127), which doesn’t seem to be supported or allowed in the Fitted Mesh viewer code. It is currently unclear as to how this might be resolved.

There has yet to be a promotion to the defacto release viewer. If there is to be such a promotion this week, it would seem likely that the Interest List RC would be the one to make it.

Other Items

Viewer Script Debug Window

During the Simulator UG meeting on Tuesday January 28th, Jonathan Yap asked, “Has any thought ever been given to a script debug window? t would let you input commands to trigger events etc.”

Kelly Linden, chairing the meeting in Simon Linden’s absence, replied:

Short answer is yes it has been thought about. A lot of what you expect from a debugger is very difficult in LSL and harder in LSL-on-Mono, such as most of looking at the actual state of the script. Being able to trigger events is an interesting idea but I think it has some security concerns if not handled very carefully.

So, to elongate  Kelly’s initial short answer, while it has been thought about, it’s not something that is likely to happen any time soon.

One thought on “SL projects updates 5/1: server releases & fitted mesh

  1. Firestorm will be able to use the bridge as before with its fitted mesh implementation. The problem is that the bridge attachment point isn’t in the avatar_lad.xml file as distributed by Linden Lab, as you might expect. Since this only affects those retrofitting the new files into older viewers, it won’t be a significant problem; my OS X updater will be improved to handle this case before things go live.


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