Seeking respite in Second Life

inimist, January 2014Binemist, January 2014 – click for full size

I first visited Binemist back in September 2013, and I make no apologies for returning to it so soon. For one thing, a lot has changed within the region since that first visit;  for another, Bine Rodenberger is a woman after my own heart, with a love of water, trees, music and art, so I’m naturally attracted to her builds.

Recently given a make-over, Binimist is now predominantly a water-themed region although, as Bine herself says, “I do also love trees, so it is a water SIM with patches of lots of trees.” This is intended to be a place of calm and peace, and the balance of water, trees, artefacts and art, combined with an excellent music stream, achieves precisely that.

inimist, January 2014Binemist, January 2014 – click for full size

There are still elements here that will be familiar to those who have visited the region in its past incarnations – the church still sits atop the cliffs, reached by a winding wooden stairway, and the lighthouse still keeps a sweeping vigil from the south-east corner of the region while pieces from a number of noted SL artists lay beneath its watchful, ever-turning eye, acting a focal points for exploration and contemplation.

There is a low-lying island to one side of the region, where a small copse partially hides a little cottage. Not far from this sits a small cafe complete with flooded patio seating front and rear.  The trees Bine mentions form a small wood towards the centre of the region, from which flooded, tree-line paths twist and loop, leading one past yet more pieces of art and to places to dance and enjoy the company of others.

inimist, January 2014Binemist, January 2014 – click for full size

As a place of quiet contemplation, either when on your own or with a loved one, or as a place to simply dance and relax with a friend or friends, Binimist is up there with the best SL can offer. As such, it serves as a perfect getaway when you simply need a little refuge from the toil of real life – or indeed, Second Life. I know I could happily while away many an hour, both wandering and admiring Bine’s design for the region and the art she’s put out for people to enjoy – and simply sitting and listening to the music stream.

Definitely not a place to be missed, whether you’re new to Binemist or a returning traveller; and if you enjoy your visit – which you will – please consider dropping a donation at the landing point to keep this beautiful region running.

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