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Update January 22nd: As per the comments below, Oz Linden has posted the correct region restart sound to STORM-1980, and the sound is now included in the boday of this report.

On Thursday January 16th, Linden Lab issued a release candidate version of the Fitted Mesh viewer. Given the changes made to the avatar skeleton, the  release sees the viewer’s release number increment by 1, so the Fitted Mesh RC is version

The upgrade of the project to a release candidate status had been expected to come relatively early in 2014, given that Oz Linden gave a “last call” for issues in which he indicated that a release candidate would be forthcoming “after the holidays”. Speculation that the RC was at the status of Real Soon NowTM was heightened at the Open-source Developer meeting on Wednesday January 8th, when Oz further revealed that as far as the Lab was concerned, there were no further outstanding issues.

It is currently not clear as to how long the viewer will remain as a release candidate prior to promotion to the de facto release viewer.

STORM Contributions

As well as the Fitted Mesh updates, the new release candidate includes a number of open-source contributions from Jonathan Yap and Ansariel Hiller.

Jonathan’s contributions notably include the following, but please refer to the viewer release notes to see all of them:

STORM-1975: IM windows occasionally report false typing status – an annoyance to many for some time has been the situation whereby, during an IM conversation, the recipient of an IM will see the “…. is typing” message (where “…” is the other person’s name), even though the other person isn’t actually sending a message. This update should fix this issue.

STORM-1980: Region Restart Warning Changes – described in the release notes as “World-shaking improvement to region restart warnings”, STORM-1980 is designed to improve the awareness of region restarting message and add a default region restart sound. The sound is designed to be played automatically by the viewer on receipt of a region restart message, adding an additional warning of an approaching restart (for those with their viewer’s sound on!).

STORM-1981: Changes to Tracking Beacons – alters the behaviour of three types of tracking beacon: the avatar tracking beacon, the landmark tracking beacon and the beacon shown as a result of clicking on the map. Under these changes:

  • Beacons begin at a height of 0 metres and extend up to the maximum unassisted flight ceiling (5,020 metres)
  • The beacon colour is blue from 0 metres to the base height of the object being tracked, and red from 5,020 metres down to the height of the object being tracked
  • Users can optionally set the beacon to pulse towards the target object using the CheesyBeacon debug setting (Advanced->Highlighting). The blue beacon will pulse up towards the object, the red beacon will pulse down towards the object.

Ansariel provides two contributions in this release aimed at fixing a couple of issues in the UI:

  • STORM-1979: Groups count in groups list does not display if the floater is resized
  • STORM-1984: Mousing over UI elements does not make them light up.

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16 thoughts on “Lab issues Fitted Mesh release candidate viewer

    1. Apparently not. I sought assurance it is indeed the sound being used, and it’s straight off the JIRA.

      Sadly, not having a region of my own, I’m unable to test it for quality compared to that recording.


    1. I should also note that the fix for BUG-3968 (ENTER key double-spaces in text boxes) is mine. That fix also fixes a related issue, where hitting ENTER on an item in inventory (for example, when renaming) also opens the item. That one’s BUG-3875. Both apply only to OS X.


      1. Thanks Tonya – sorry I couldn’t credit on the BUG fixes – I have no access to those JIRA 😦 .


  1. That sound is ridiculous, can’t understand a word, just lots of static.
    They should just use the 1940s era air raid siren with a clear voice explaining whats going on.


    1. I was actually anticipating the “submarine diving” sound (you know, the A-WOOO-GAH! A-WOO-GAH! sound). I can’t even say the recording I have is bad – was downloaded directly from the JIRA.


  2. I thought the sound must be a joke too. I don’t know what they are thinking. Perhaps it’s just a placeholder for a real sound to come. Some alternative suggestions… 😉

    or if you really want to wake people up…


    1. WordPress can be a little snotty like that; links intended as links end up as embedded items, items intended for embedding end up as links.

      As per Oz’s comment below, apparently the sound on the JIRA *is* incorrect.


    1. Ah! that would explain it!

      Did ask around if the sound was right (although admittedly didn’t ping you – my bad!)… I guess there would be a few assumptions made on what I was talking about. Happy to update and correct if the actual sound is posted :).


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